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    23 January 2019 - Peter Hall

    This was apparently not present at Wishaw in December. Subsequent enquiries suggested it was now at Barrow Hill but no reports of it arriving, departing or being seen there have been traced. Can anyone confirm its current whereabouts?

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    13 January 2019 - Andrew Martin

    Paul, your comment helped me ID this: I'm catching up over 5 years later. Thanks!

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    13 January 2019 - Andrew Martin

    Yes, confirmed at ELR in October. It was in the sidings at Buckley Wells, west of the line south from the station from which a reversal is made to gain access to the works.

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    13 January 2019 - Barry John Cooper

    My records indicate that this van was sent to Mangapps under number E141183. If this is so, which E number is correct?

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    8 January 2019 - Andrew Martin

    Pictured here, with some details:

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    6 January 2019 - Simon Bendall

    They're round the back at Burton, eg

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    1 January 2019 - Dave Warby

    Now painted in British Railways 'blood and custard' livery, the number is prefixed 'Sc'.

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    1 January 2019 - Peter Hall

    Possibly still at York along with DB975081 but if so the lack of sightings suggest they are tucked away in Holgate Works.

    However I do believe two carriages were moved from York to Burton-upon-Trent in the latter half of 2017 and have never been sure as to their identities.

    Thus quite possible DB975081 and DB975280 are at Burton-upon-Trent now.

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    31 December 2018 - Brianreginald Storey

    Is DB975280 still at York or been sold

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    30 December 2018 - Brian Cuttell

    Reported left Swanage 12/12/18 for a site in Worcestershire

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    26 December 2018 - Robin Morel

    Weed spray carried out by the fleet of MPV vehicles with interchangeable modules, , 989xx series master & slave or master & powered slave south of the Thames . Fleet goes through various seasonal transitions with maintenance in between, weedspray, Sandite , Railhead Treatment ,De icing

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    13 December 2018 - Alex Betteney

    Moved to Weardale Railway - reported en-route on 24/10/2018

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    12 December 2018 - Christopher Jordan

    I use my Gmail account for most things to do with trains and model railways

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    12 December 2018 - Christopher Jordan

    A question really Do Departmentals have a weed killing train running on the West Coast Main Line now and a picture please or an www.// site address I can log into thanks everyone for the detailed info you display very useful for a modeller of 70 such as myself cheers Chris.

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    11 December 2018 - Ben Williams

    We're told these coaches are still there...

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    11 December 2018 - IAN RAILS

    Left Toton yard 13.58 on 30-04-08 for Booths Rotherham

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    10 December 2018 - Ross Loades

    For Further updates on this vehicle, please look at:


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    5 December 2018 - Ross Loades

    As Phil said, the current plan is to use this as a donor chassis. Although at the moment, the wagon is currently being made fit to move. The one buffer was loose so that has been reattached, and the brakes have been freed off and a handbrake lever reattached.

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    4 December 2018 - Philip Hetherington

    This wagon has recently moved to the Great Central Railway, currently at Quorn. It is currently planned to be used as a donor chassis for another project rather than restored in its own right.

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    3 December 2018 - Jonathan Flood

    This Railbus was shipped to Northern Ireland on 5th August 1982.

    I am trying to find out when & where the re-gauging from Standard Gauge to 5ft 3in Gauge.

    I know it ran trials on the Bristol - Severn Beach line from October 1981 - April 1982 and then ran demonstrations between Barnsley & Sheffield.

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    23 November 2018 - David Denton

    Hi All

    It was moved back to Leicester this week

    Dave D

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    23 November 2018 - Brian Cuttell

    There was a Vanwide body at Bored Bar Engineering but the number wasn't visible through the fence. It was still here on 16/2/15 but the company appears to have ceased trading in early 2016 and the body was removed c2016 (by 3/2/17).

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    21 November 2018 - Vince

    This one has now moved from Leicester to Castle Donington for storage

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    20 November 2018 - Dave Coxon

    This was not a test car. It was Test Service Car No8 and was used primarily in the APT-P power car test train as a surrogate trailer rake

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    20 November 2018 - Dave Coxon

    This was not a test car. It was Test Service Car No9 and was used primarily with ATP-P trailer rake testing as a surrogate power car