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  • 024439

    27 November 2017 - David Warby

    Years ago I photographed a 12T van at Springs Branch, but until today its identity had remained a mystery. Thanks to the photo on the website here, I have now identified the one I photographed way back in 1992:

  • 45048

    26 November 2017 - Andrew Martin

    Apols, date was 11/11/17

  • 45048

    26 November 2017 - Andrew Martin

    Sheeted over on 4/11/17

  • 977089

    22 November 2017 - John Turner

    Originally E10100

  • 94003

    15 November 2017 - Caroline Mitchell

    94003 & 94006 are for sale by online auction, closing date 23rd November:

  • 977175

    10 November 2017 - Brian Cuttell

    Reported moved to EVR at Wirksworth in October 2017

  • 975076

    4 November 2017 - Simon Bendall

    Understand its due to be rebuilt as a standard BSK so may be there for a contract overhaul.

  • 975076

    28 October 2017 - Dan Adkins

    Definitely sold from GWSR, so probably its new home.

  • 975076

    26 October 2017 - Ben Williams

    Seen today at Williton on West Somerset Railway. Unsure if a permanent move or just visiting.

  • 999508

    26 October 2017 - Ben Williams

    Seen today at Williton repainted into maroon.

  • 86902

    20 October 2017 - Darren Pegg

    Cut up in November 2016 at Booths

  • 975183

    16 October 2017 - Dennis Graham

    Now carries name Rhubarb & Custard

  • 98999

    14 October 2017 - justin edwards

    Definitely never in departmental service or internal use. This is LNER tender no. 5332 built as a 5000 gallon 1928 corridor type. Always in revenue stock as a loco tender until sold in 1966 to Alan Pegler for use with LNER A3 no. 60103 Flying Scotsman and converted to a water carrier. Has remained in private hands ever since as a water carrier for steam locomotives though has frequently been out of use. Most recently has been used with 60019 LNER A4 class loco. All current mainline certified steam locos have a TOPS number in the 98XXX series. I don't think their tenders have a separate TOPS number as they are fairly permanently coupled to the steam loco and regarded as an integral part of it. But as this is a separate vehicle with couplings at both ends and in theory capable of being coupled separately in any train (though in practice highly unlikely) I assume it has been considered necessary to give it its own TOPS number

  • 210382

    9 October 2017 - Greg Hartle

    Good news! Cheers for that Brian, that's seems to have cleared that up then..

  • 395476

    9 October 2017 - Brian Cuttell

    Reported moved to Peak Rail in August 2017.

  • 210382

    9 October 2017 - Brian Cuttell

    Assumed to be 210382 as it's outside the Rampart Shed and has been advertised for sale by them in 2017. It was repainted recently into grey undercoat then bauxite but isn't numbered. 024955 & 024956 are the two still in Railfreight livery with numbers painted out.

  • 977982

    9 October 2017 - Greg Hartle

    A picture on the Vintage Carriage Trust website shows it in this livery and carrying it's original identity of 25729.No numbers are currently carried on this vehicle..

  • 977982

    9 October 2017 - Greg Hartle

    This coach is currently unnumbered and is in carmine & cream livery, located behind the steam shed, and can be seen from the viewing area..

  • 4939

    9 October 2017 - Greg Hartle

    This coach has now been returned to it's original identity 4939 and is in use, sporting maroon livery..

  • 94003

    1 October 2017 - Vince

    Ive got a photo of 94006 in the queue; but wasn't patient enough to wait for people to get out of 940043's way, so if anyone has one of that...

  • 94003

    1 October 2017 - Jon Horswell

    Excellent clear photos of these found on the Carl's Railway Photos website (Carl Watson is the photographer for Arlington Eastleigh Works). Anyone else get good photos of these at the recent open day for use on this website?

  • 210382

    23 September 2017 - Greg Hartle

    Is this vehicle now in private ownership at Barrow Hill? It's just that, I've seen 3 VDA's there today, 2 are still in the red/grey Railfreight livery and I believe they are 024955 & 024956....but there is another freshly painted in all over maroon.Is it this?

  • 041476

    23 September 2017 - David Crawley

    A photograph, taken by Roger Silsbury, of this vehicle appears in the April 1986 issue of Motive Power Monthly. The photo caption reads "..... 041476, previous identity not confirmed, one of the 16-ton cupboard door minerals built by Metropolitan-Cammell to the order of the Ministry of Supply for use by the SNCF in France. When they were replaced by larger vehicles in 1950, most returned to Britain and were refurbished for use by BR. The branding, 'Not to be used for PW ballast or other engineers materials' was applied to the whole class following a serious accident when the cupboard door fouled the loading gauge. BR diagram was 1/112. This wagon had been in internal use at Stratford, and was waiting to go to Tinsley for scrap when seen on 11 January (1986) at Temple Mills."

  • 1385

    17 September 2017 - Ben Williams

    I (and others) think there has been confusion over this van that moved from Chasewater to Isle of Wight in 2015. It seems all the evidence suggests it is actually DS36 / 083663 that is now here. I will alter records and sightings to suit. I am unsure if this one remains at Chasewater.

  • 68505

    11 September 2017 - Jonathan Anderson

    There was another unit on the Sidings At Eastleigh Works yard. I think this was it, but please correct me if wrong


    Jonathan Anderson