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  • 041474

    28 January 2020 - Greg Hartle

    The forlorn looking vehicle can be spied from the Johnsons Bros Tours company yard, where it is a matter of yards from the perimeter fence which separates the Up Yard from their premises.It is not possible to see the vehicle from a passing train mainly due to wagons blocking it, but also the fact that it is pretty well camouflaged!

  • 041474

    15 January 2020 - Greg Hartle

    Yes thankyou Peter, I have had confirmation of this also and have found it's exact location in the Up Yard on Google Earth....I shall be visiting soon...

  • 320741

    15 January 2020 - Peter Hall

    Originally numbered 10155 when built, subsequently numbered 1065, then 7781, then 18033, then DE320741. This presumes that it was numbered 18033 immediately prior to being taken into Departmental Stock which I believe it was.

    Renumbering is as shown in Appendix 1 of LNER Carriages by Michael Harris published in 1995. Earlier versions of this Appendix that appeared in other books contained errors which where subsequently corrected.

  • 041474

    15 January 2020 - Peter Hall

    Not affected by HNRC acquisition of the Down Yard as 041474 located in the Up Yard on the opposite side of the running lines. Despite no recent sightings I'm assured its still present but difficult to see due to stored wagons.

  • 041474

    14 January 2020 - Greg Hartle

    Considering the old WRD has now been taken over by HNRC, is this still present at Worksop? Thinking of taking a visit there soon that's all..

  • 320741

    12 January 2020 - Ben Williams

    VCT suggests former numbers 1065 and E18033. Not as comment above - where did this info come from? Thanks

  • 94663

    11 January 2020 - Matthew Marsh

    This van was very visible today from the train today. No wagons in the way fortunately. Still in the same place as described previously.

  • 079022

    6 January 2020 - Jon Horswell

    This vehicle appeared, as W38, in the 1952 film 'Death of an Angel'. Does anyone know what its purpose was as an IU? Presumably some sort of inspection saloon.

  • 94121

    30 December 2019 - Dan Adkins

    A photo taken earlier this month shows that this van has now moved to the training compound sidings.

  • 060997

    29 December 2019 - Brian Cuttell

    Correction - the frame was cut up at Darley Dale later in December 2019.

  • 975681

    27 December 2019 - Simon Bendall

    975681 and 975688 were moved to Carnforth overnight on Dec 23rd by 37516/518. Rest still at Portobello.

  • 68501

    27 December 2019 - John Liddle

    Apart from this and 68504, there can't be many vehicles left running on the main line network on a regular basis with B1 bogies

  • 395273

    14 December 2019 - Brian Cuttell

    The frame of this 6w van still survives. It is reported at Bressingham with LNWR coach body1020 placed on it.

  • 977399

    13 December 2019 - Ross Alexander Loades

    This coach has just been release to traffic as FO 3072. It has been restored to feature in the GCR's dining train.

  • 395273

    12 December 2019 - Simon Jones

    RHRP/VCT database states "scrapped owing to deteriorating condition 05/2019"

  • 060997

    10 December 2019 - Brian Cuttell

    Frame reported cut up on site at Darley Dale on 1/12/19.

  • Unidentified IU

    9 December 2019 - Greg Hartle

    Dan, this is the wagon you mention you have seen at Bombardier.I have also replied to your topic dated 19th November..



  • 060997

    29 November 2019 - Brian Cuttell

    Moved to Peak Rail at Darley Dale in November 2019 for spares for the future restoration of 041963. Only frame left (wheels already removed) by 29/11/19 so it may not last much longer.

  • 975681

    22 November 2019 - Ben Williams

    Photo on a Facebook group show they have been shunted around today. Comments under suggest they're going to Leith yard for scrapping! However the photo does show two (told 975681 and 975688) having been separated out from the rest and top and tailed by two class 37s. So perhaps these two are off to Hamilton and the rest scrapped?

  • 975681

    17 November 2019 - Ben Williams

    I'm told that these were finally on the move last week. Two (not sure which two) are off to E G Steele & Co Ltd in Hamilton in connection with the restoration of a Pullman coach there. The rest are off to Carnforth. Unsure about fate of drum carrier. Thanks to SB and DD.

  • 320956

    16 November 2019 - Dave Cullingworth

    Moved to secure storage at Spennymoor.

  • 321008

    16 November 2019 - Dave Cullingworth

    Moved to under cover storage at Spennymoor..

  • 025023

    12 November 2019 - Greg Hartle

    Are this and 025024 still extant? The Pinnox Branch is seemingly be revamped so I'm wondering if they are still there being left to nature.....were or are they visible from a passing train?

  • 94121

    9 November 2019 - Dan Adkins

    Unless it was well hidden or has been moved, this appears to no longer be present.

  • 041400

    5 November 2019 - Brian Cuttell

    This one was saved from the scrap man in 1990 and went initially to the South Yorkshire RPS site at Meadowhall. The Meadowhall site was abandoned in 2002 and DE 634355 has since been reported at Bo'ness. I don't think it ever carried its IU number.