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  • ADB968021

    27 March 2020 - John Hall

    At December 1979 the survivors of this fleet numbered 17 which were DB875083, 875120/188, 875294, 875344/388/399, 875409, 875635/649/654/662, 875731/759/760/763 and 875835. In addition B875732 had recently transferred to IU stock. I think the photo appears to show 875294 but I may be wrong. I hope this helps.

  • ADB968021

    26 March 2020 - Philip Hetherington

    Any idea of the ID of the van? It appears to be an (ex-) Fruit van to diagram 1/233. Only 300 were built (3 lots of 100 wagons each) making this pretty rare. Furthermore, I found a couple of photos of vehicles from the first lot and they had 3-part pressed steel ends whereas this has 2-part pressed steel ends, so I guess this is from either the 2nd or 3rd lot. This puts its original number in the range B875650-B875849.

    There seems to be only one survivor on its wheels, B875760 (041877) at Quainton. Plus half a dozen grounded bodies.

  • 455

    24 March 2020 - John Hall

    Service Stock of the Southern Railway p55 records S55719 as DS455 and S55711 as DS456. Cannot immediately verify this but assume to be correct.

  • 455

    24 March 2020 - alan moore

    Is this the same brake van 55711 at Mangapps Farm, also listed as DS455?

  • 320934

    23 March 2020 - John Hall

    Despatched to Ickles period 12/1971 in all probability scrapped by the Slag Reduction Company but not known for definitive.

  • 096035

    23 March 2020 - Stewart Whincup

    Just a question for the knowledgable out there, is there a definitive list of the number series used for all of the IU vehicles ?, have learned that they started at 020000 for the LMR, 040000 ER, 060/061/064/070/079 WR & 090/091/095/096/097 SCR, just wondering as a full list would run to many thousands of vehicles, sadly most of which the details may never be discovered.....

  • 320934

    23 March 2020 - Bernard Smith

    Ex LNER Diagram 15 Restaurant Third 9061 (ex 1257, 2331). To departmental use Circa May 1961. Fate unknown

  • 996378

    23 March 2020 - Greg Hartle

    I believe these 'Parrs' mentioned in the above comments should to be added to the site please Ben, thankyou..

  • 530478

    12 March 2020 - Ben Williams

    This and the other ex Hornsey IU that went to Papworth have now arrived at Eastleigh works. Thanks to Carl for the updates.

  • 975228

    12 March 2020 - Ben Williams

    VCT website seems to suggest it is still in situ with work progressing - as of last year. Wonder if that means the owner has done his time...

  • 024106

    12 March 2020 - Ben Williams

    Thanks John. This one updated.

    Paul - after interrogating the sightings it appeared there were 23 CB sightings that matched your date and location - so these have been deleted.

  • 975228

    12 March 2020 - alan moore

    Any further news since Bens comment in 2014? The recycledrailcars website doesnt seem to open.

  • 024106

    12 March 2020 - John Hall

    Internal Users 024106/107/108/109 appear to have been converted from LMS Fish Vans M40219/221/293/298 cannot be certain of the order of conversion transferred/carried out in February and March 1967 at Bedford. Keith Gunner has recorded 024106 as converted from M40219 (Lot 1428).

  • 024106

    11 March 2020 - Ben Williams

    I'm not sure we will ever know Paul. However I would guess he maybe saw your photo of this vehicle on your site (is there one?) and added a sighting to record the location - given there were perhaps no other details or sightings at the time. I'm sure it was meant in good faith as Charlie was always a very helpful contributor.

  • 024106

    11 March 2020 - Paul Walter Bartlett

    I don't believe the late Charles Best would have been in Luton on precisely the same day as me. Why did he record other peoples records as his own?

  • 70220

    10 March 2020 - Kev Adlam

    Still in situ

    Seen from Branch Line Society charter train today that reversed in Park Royal Sidinga

  • 710236

    8 March 2020 - Greg Hartle

    Any help on the Worksop lookalike?

  • 024988

    7 March 2020 - steve rimell

    Is this still around ?

  • 024178

    7 March 2020 - Paul Walter Bartlett

    When seen in 1979 this was a shunting truck that had a frame that may have come from an mineral wagon.

  • 025041

    6 March 2020 - David Denton

    Hi All

    Along with 460287 by Ward Recycling Ilkeston


  • 083631

    6 March 2020 - Ben Williams

    I note VCT has a note this was scrapped c.2012 but we have some 2013 sightings here (which I assume are correct) so must have been scrapped 2013?

  • 025041

    5 March 2020 - alan moore

    Believed scrapped at Toton week ending 6.3.20

  • 975493

    5 March 2020 - Jon Horswell

    According to WNXX this vehicle is up for sale. They have it listed as 977493 but it is this vehicle.

  • 996378

    5 March 2020 - Greg Hartle

    Well what do you think then Ben, should they be added to the site?

  • 996378

    4 March 2020 - Dan Adkins

    They're very much IUs. They are however still on TOPS, but not in 'active' pools.