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  • 321107

    13 September 2019 - Roger Mazey

    Probably 7029 Clun Castle gauging run prior to an excursion on the Eastern region York area c1967.

  • 064723

    12 September 2019 - Andrew Burford

    When I became interested in departmental stock this wagon always confused me, despite many visits I could never find it.

    I think it was hidden away in the old CCE depot in the triangle where Rygor Commercials now is?

  • 975087 & 975471

    9 September 2019 - Robert Taylor

    975087 was ex Newton Heath along with 975461, around the mid 80's both vans were based out of Longsight I believe.

  • 971004

    8 September 2019 - Paul Walter Bartlett

    Photograph link here

    Location : Warrington Arpley Yard. Date : 16/07/19.

  • 975087

    8 September 2019 - Paul Walter Bartlett

    Photograph has turned up here Location : Warrington Arpley Yard. Date : 16/07/19.

  • 320256

    3 September 2019 - Peter Hall

    You will notice myself and Roger both saw this at different locations in 1993. However, I believe we didn't both see the same vehicle and both believed we had seen DE320256 despite neither then carrying that number. At both locations a MSLR 6-whl five Compartment third that had latterly been in departmental service was present. By 1993 I'm aware various references existed giving the identity of that at Quainton as being DE320256 so very understandable Roger presumed it was that. It is known the Quainton vehicle came from Hull Docks. It appears that the one at the South Cambridgeshire was sourced via Peterborough and I have been told that DE320256 was sold from there along with DE940402 that also was at the South Cambridgeshire in 1993. With regard to the one at Quainton an alternative identity of DE900167 has been given in the Great Central Railway Journal. It would thus be very interesting to known when and where DE320506 and DE900167 were seen carrying those identities. It is the one from the South Cambridgeshire that is now a Mountsorrel via Ruddington, the other is still at Quainton.

  • 320603

    2 September 2019 - Peter Hall

    I record this as a Breakdown Train Staff & Tool Van based at Lincoln. T prefix suggests perhaps another later role at Lincoln prior to preservation.

  • 025025

    30 August 2019 - Peter Hall

    This had an interesting rarely reported history after being sold to Central Railways and leaving Edge Hill in 1998. It was initially moved to a none railway location in Stockport where it was used for seat belt trials. Colin's Longsight sighting may well have been of it in transit.

    After the trials it moved to the Fire Service Training Centre at Moreton-in-Marsh where it is believed to have been used to train emergency service personel before being scrapped.

  • 977579

    30 August 2019 - Peter Hall

    I have seen paperwork suggesting that this was originally to be despatched from Selhurst in 1998 to Mayer Parry, Snailwell at the same time as 977379. However, the move was cancelled and it instead went by road to Shoeburyness.

  • 395344

    28 August 2019 - Brian Cuttell

    KDM395344 initially went to Litchurch Lane Works when preserved (where I saw it in 1981) before moving to Quainton c1982. All the sightings listed at Chester are for KDM395844 which incorrectly carried KDM395344 for a period in the 1980s, presumably after a repaint. KDM395844 still carried its correct number at Chester in 1982.

  • 977618

    24 August 2019 - Paul Cheesemore

    This coach is now well hidden in the trees as you head towards Bedford on the train

  • 70155

    20 August 2019 - Peter Hall

    Confirmed today that this at Barrow Hill but inside the Rampart workshops so not on public view.

  • ADB977385

    17 August 2019 - Brian Cuttell

    Class 501 EMU ADB977385 (M61148) was used as a Tractor Unit and was repainted green in 1993.

  • 320959

    16 August 2019 - Brian Cuttell

    Moved to the EVR Wirksworth in August 2019 for contract work.

  • ADB977385

    14 August 2019 - Dan Adkins

    I don't think this is 977358, according to the page it links to, that's a BR CCT?

  • 975076

    12 August 2019 - Shane Wilton

    Still languishing at Williton.

  • 041978

    5 August 2019 - Peter Hall

    Initially sold c1998 to Central Railway Engineering. Remained at Immingham until re-sold to Mangapps Farm Museum.

  • 150375

    3 August 2019 - Greg Hartle

    Carrie's the number 233

  • W276W

    3 August 2019 - Greg Hartle

    Also, now carrying a fresh paint of Carmine & Cream livery. The vehicle is numbered W276W

  • 47528

    3 August 2019 - Greg Hartle

    This vehicle is undercover, in a small green tarpaulin hut located on the back siding at Totnes Riverside station..

  • 150375

    3 August 2019 - Greg Hartle

    In full passenger use and carries GWR Chocolate & Cream livery..

  • W6515W

    3 August 2019 - Greg Hartle

    Carries the number W6515W

  • W6515W

    3 August 2019 - Greg Hartle

    In Carmine & Cream livery albeit fading and moss adorned..

  • 061005

    3 August 2019 - Greg Hartle

    This rusting vehicle is indeed visible (both ends and a little of the side) on the right hand side travelling from the east or left when coming from the west.Look out for Buyology, which is just before or after Tavistock Yard depending which direction you're travelling.It appears when their car park does..

  • 975982

    1 August 2019 - Ben Williams

    This moved to Eastleigh yesterday - by road to Dutton Rd for onward movement across to the works.