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  • 70220

    25 March 2017 - Simon Bendall

    Posting on wnxx forum reports this still present on 24 March 2017.

  • 98999

    23 March 2017 - Dave Carson

    I was doing a Quality Assurance audit there on that date photographed it, as it has a QRX prefix to its number, I thought it is either a departmental or special service vehicle. Interestingly the water tank does not take up the entire tender space, there stairways at each end with a crawl-way over the tank between it and the tender roof.

  • 975005

    21 March 2017 - Steve Jordan

    Both this vehicle and 975006 were condemned at Stourton C&W 04/80 and sold on in 02/82. The VCT website has them both preserved at Chasewater in 1981, which may well be true with official records not being updated promptly. However sightings at York in 1983 and RTC in 1985 are interesting as they were supposed to be at Chasewater, can anyone shed any light on this?

  • 975404

    21 March 2017 - Steve Jordan

    I have this as Condemned Norwich Thorpe C&W 3/80 and disposed of at Snailwell 10/80.

  • DE321116

    16 March 2017 - Dave Cullingworth

    It is listed as a 1939 built none gangwayed full brake 70564 (originally 6796)Transferred to Departmental Stock as Tunnel Inspection Coach DE321116 based at Leeds. Broken up on site at Skelton Yard, York by Cartwright, Tipton. (Info from Peter Hall via RCTS site).

  • DE321116

    16 March 2017 - Dave Cullingworth

    That is definitely not an ex BCK since it has flat ends and no sign of having gangways. I believe it was a non gangwayed Gresley brake that was modified in departmental use with the addition of LNER windows.

    The NYMR York Area Group stripped it for spare parts.

  • 150431

    16 March 2017 - Brian Cuttell

    Arrived at Barrow Hill 13/3/17.

  • 150430

    16 March 2017 - Brian Cuttell

    The three SECR Pullman coaches (including DW 150430 & DW 150431)from Seaburn arrived at Barrow Hill by road on 13/3/17 for restoration - at least two of them went straight into the Rampart Shed

  • 083523

    15 March 2017 - Paul Walter Bartlett

    ADB975276 existed in August 1973! So I don't undersand the 2009 comment about transfer in 06/84.

    Nice to know it still exists. Bachmann have introduced a nicely finished model of the van as it appeared in 08/73.

  • 083180

    12 March 2017 - Andy Prime

    Previous Numbers BR: DS33, S3410S, SR: 3410, SECR 1170 (Source Bluebell web site:

  • 082232

    12 March 2017 - Andy Prime

    The history of this vehicle is show here:

  • 083631

    10 March 2017 - Ben Williams

    Not present when we visited and no one on site to ask...

  • 024925

    9 March 2017 - Paul Walter Bartlett

    If the DB999093 is correct then this is ex ICI chlorine tank wagon 1486, later ICIM47544. It was stripped and converted to become part of the LMR Drain train in Feb 1985.

  • 060997

    6 March 2017 - Ben Williams

    Well I've since been told that I was in the right place but the bogies I saw were not right for the remains of a six wheel milk tank so they may now be under a coach body. There was a body on wheels at Bronwydd but I didn't pay much attention... and no photo.

  • 966507

    5 March 2017 - steve rimell

    Picture of this shunter in the Modern Locomotives Illustrated No 222 magazine.

  • 079029

    4 March 2017 - Ben Williams

    Also didn't see this one today despite a fairly comprehensive look at all locations on the Gwili...

  • 060997

    4 March 2017 - Ben Williams

    Tried to find this today but failed. Found some bogies in the undergrowth with the Crocodile wagon towards Cynwyl Elfed adjacent to the trackbed but it just had 2 wheel sets.

  • 079030

    4 March 2017 - Ben Williams

    Found this today at Gwili Railway - didn't realise it had moved here from Brightlingsea. Moved in June 2015 according to VCT.

  • 96606

    4 March 2017 - David Bellamy

    96606 was 96213 before that 96152 & before that 93324

  • 061084

    1 March 2017 - Ben Williams

    Anyone got a photo of this one please? Or any sightings after 1996 to narrow down the disposal. Wonder if it ties in with any plant disposals there?

    Tamper 73222 scrapped there in May 2002

    73224 scrapped Aug 2000

    So could have gone with one of these?


  • 061030 & 200663

    1 March 2017 - Ben Williams

    These two departed SPM yesterday for preservation at the Swindon & Cricklade Railway.

  • 024219

    1 March 2017 - Ben Williams

    Thanks Brian this is interesting. I have updated the note on this page. Just goes to show it is always worth checking van bodies as you never know where they could have ended up!

  • 395303

    22 February 2017 - justin edwards

    Converted from a North Staffordshire Railway four compartment brake third. Based at Saltley for several years mid-late 1950's. Information from Model Railway Constructor Feb 1963 p56

  • 977859

    21 February 2017 - Mike Porter

    According to the North Somerset Railway's website, this vehicle (still at Long Marston) is earmarked for the Radstock - Frome railway.

  • 041321

    16 February 2017 - Steve Jordan

    Ten vehicles, all ex Fish Vans, were renumbered 975351-60 initially for use by NCL at Norwich and were later numbered in the IU series 041313 to 041322 in 5/76. 041320 was scrapped in 1981 so as you say the later sightings are likely to be of 041321. I will forward my piccy and you can post it for confirmation of this. Hope this all helps.