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Presumed scrapped at Shrewsbury station sidings - date unknown


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Shrewsbury** *** ****Geoffrey Treby
Shrewsbury Station Sidings** *** ****Steven Jordan
Shrewsbury** *** ****Brian Cuttell
Shrewsbury1991-10-06Roger Butcher
Shrewsbury Station Sidings.1991-08-18David Hudson
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  • 13 January 2019 - Barry John Cooper

    My records indicate that this van was sent to Mangapps under number E141183. If this is so, which E number is correct?

  • 023657

    28 January 2019 - John Hall

    E141183 a diagram 15 12t van was scrapped at T.W.Ward Beighton in April 1959 while E141383 also a diagram 15 12t van was transferred to internal user stock in October 1964 at Shrewsbury Coton Hill.

  • 20 March 2019 - Ben Williams

    So what is conclusion here? VCT suggests Mangapps wagon is 023657 ex E141183. Photos appear to match. Possible records for E141183 are wrong and it didn't actually get scrapped?