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VSV 024219 - 12t Shocvan


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Scrapped - Marple & Gillott, Sheffield 11/85 although van body observed at GR Barrett & Sons Ltd, Housley's scrapyard, Woodhouse, Sheffield 4/89


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  • 2 February 2017 - Brian Cuttell

    I saw the body of 024219 at GR Barrett & Sons Ltd, Housley's scrapyard, Woodhouse, Sheffield in April 1989 over three years after it went to Attercliffe. I believe that GR Barratt bought van bodies (& tank barrels) from other scrapyards in the area (such as Marple & Gillot) for resale as sheds so it is likely the body of 024219 was later sold on. On 16/4/1989 i noted down that at least two other IU goods van bodies were in their yard. GR Barratt are recorded as the contractor for scrapping vans 024242, 024745, 024746, 024748, 024749, 024750 & 024751 at Derby RTC in January 1989 so some of these van bodies could have gone for resale as well. The only one to have been located so far on the VCT Datavase is 024751 at Stoke St Mary in Somerset but this was recorded as broken up by 2/2010 so no longer exists.

  • 1 March 2017 - Ben Williams

    Thanks Brian this is interesting. I have updated the note on this page. Just goes to show it is always worth checking van bodies as you never know where they could have ended up!

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GR Barratt & Sons, Woodhouse, Sheffield** *** ****Brian Cuttell
Wolverton Works** *** ****Andrew Harvey-Adams
Marylebone Depot** *** ****Roger Harris

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