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Scrapped - Details Not Known. Tank A 6255 incorrectly numbered at Machynlleth as 024478.


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Machynlleth** *** ****Martin Allen
Machynlleth** *** ****Simeon Gaskell
Machynlleth** *** ****Alex Betteney
Machynlleth** *** ****Brian Cuttell
Machynlleth** *** ****Roger Harris
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  • 999010, 023215 & 024478

    12 January 2009 - Ben Williams

    999010 is assumed based on the comments given under the other Machynlleth photo but appears correct for this type.

  • 024478

    13 January 2009 - Ben Williams

    Interesting the lettering appears to say "to work between Shrewsbury & Machynlleth" suggesting it did run on the mainline at some point? Probably before it gained its internal number though?

  • 024478

    18 January 2009 - Martin Allen

    There is another painted instruction on the right hand of the tank barrel which states: "Return to Chester Shop for maintenance 20th April 1979". The last repair is recorded as "Lift 20-4-78 / 2284"

  • 999010, 023215 & 024478

    1 March 2009 - Rob Williams

    All three of these tanks are still about. As known, 023215 is at Weston near Oswestry. But most people believe 999010 and 024478 were scrapped when the fuel point was improved around 1999. But what happened was the tanks were removed and retained for fuel storage and the now flat wagons went to Oswestry, with the intact 023215.

  • 999010, 023215 & 024478

    2 June 2013 - Ben Williams

    Comment here

    suggests the tank at Weston Wharf (and in the middle here) is actually 023215. Records have now been updated.