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Moved to Rushden Station Transport Museum 4/08

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Rushden Transport Museum
IU 02xxxx series


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Rushden Transport Society** *** ****Dennis Graham
Rushden Transport Society** *** ****Dennis Graham
Rushden Transport Museum** *** ****Roger Harris
Rushden Transport Museum** *** ****Kev Adlam
Rushden Transport Society** *** ****Royston Morris
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  • 024818

    31 August 2009 - Ben Williams

    It appears the bodywork from this wagon is the grounded van body that can be found today in the CS yard (see other photo on site.) B 851856.

  • 024818

    1 September 2009 - Rob Morel

    As the carriage sidings and the washing plant at the north end had no road access various ways over the years of transferring chemical cleaning agents from the nearby TMD to the wash plant were used. It was a rare sight viewing the normal depot bound class 08 pushing this delivery wagon (via the station) to reach the carriage sidings.

    Delivery was also trialled using a road rail vehicle ( Bedford BRUFF flatbed)

    for a period during the late 80s D802 CTP I believe last noted in use with Amey

  • 024818

    3 October 2009 - Brian Williams

    Judging by the buffers, this was originally either a Shock or Shock-van- I can't think of any other 10' wb wagons fitted with this type.

  • 024818

    7 October 2009 - Phil Hetherington


    The former number 851856 tells us it was a Shocvan, and a search of this site for that number will show that the body survives too!

  • 024818

    12 October 2009 - Chris Willis

    Anyone know where the body might be please?.



  • 024818

    12 October 2009 - Rob Morel

    It is listed as being at Bletchley carriage sidings type - 851856 in the search box at top right of screen.

    The only trouble is the area it is located (next to cleaners mess room) is "rail locked" with no road access,only a walkway exists over the Bedford branch line to the nearest road, so getting it off site would need a road railer or the like plus an isolation of the overheads...