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QXV RDB 024822 - 975956 - Laboratory 7 'Phoenix' / Mark 1 BSK


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BR coach 35061



Scrapped - Booths Rotherham on site at Derby Litchurch Lane 1/97


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  • 975956

    25 January 2003 - Ben

    This was later allocated IU number 024822 but I'm not sure what has become of this vehicle (and 024497 parked in the same siding - see other photo) because it's not in this position now. I suspect it was scrapped on site but confirmation would be useful.

  • 975956

    1 June 2003 - Bill

    Can anyone advise me if the roof extractor was removed when in transit

  • 975956

    27 July 2003 - Ben

    It now transpires that the two vehicles were scrapped on site by Booths Rotherham in January 1997...

  • 975956

    16 November 2007 - michael

    hi, if i was to model this coach, is there anything i need to know before converting a standard mk.1 half brake coach? i have all the transfers and paint to make the conversion as well as scratchbuilding the little box shaped thing on the roof.

    ps. i have also converted a lot of other departmental coaches as seen here and this is the first pic ive seen of "phoenix".

  • 4 September 2017 - steve rimell

    Hey Michael, How did you get on ?. I'm about to embark on a 7mm / O gauge version.

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