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Moved to Mid Norfolk Railway 3/12. Moved to Telford 2017.

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Telford Steam Railway
IU 02xxxx series


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RSS, Wishaw ** *** **** Greg Hartle
Mid norfolk railway thuxton** *** ****Darren burkinshaw
Dereham, Mid Norfolk Railway** *** ****Roger Harris
Mid Norfolk Railway2013-08-10Simon Bendall
Mid Norfolk Railway2013-05-18Kev Adlam
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  • 024909

    16 April 2006 - Ben

    These coaches are apparently still in use - James tells me:

    "These are both used as stores/offices and are, despite appearances, still in use. Inside there is no particular interior, only the bulkhead between the passenger and luggage areas remain."

  • 024909

    16 April 2006 - Ben

    After some initial confusion about these two coaches it has been confirmed that this is definitely 024909! Brian tells me:

    "Can confirm that 9406 is at the south end against the blocks and 9423 is at the north end. 9423 has its number stencilled in large black letters on the glass of what would have been the window on the guards door at the north end of the coach. 9406 number is visible through the paint only."

  • 024909

    19 June 2008 - Eddie Devall

    Apologies for digging up old ground but both SCT and LRWS have this coach down as 9106 ?

    I'm !


  • 024909

    25 June 2008 - Ben Williams

    As per the comment above we have established for definite the former IDs but a while ago we swapped the IU numbers (contrary to what is printed in the books) but I can't remember how we arrived at that conclusion! ie 9406 as 024909 and 9423 as 025000. I guess they have never carried the IU numbers so maybe no one knows?!

    I dont have my emails to hand from the time (April 2006?) - anyone shed any light please or do I have to swap the IDs and photos back to match what is in the books?

  • 024909

    23 December 2009 - Ben Williams

    These were moved to the south of the station last Sunday along with IC liveried BG 92193 that has been north of the station for many years. It is thought they may be moved to the docks (possibly with the OHLM coaches) for movement by road... Any more news welcome!

  • 024909

    26 December 2009 - Splosh

    Just hope that NR aren't trying to steal DBS stock. Plus, I wonder who gave them FTR's?