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Moved from Crewe TMD to Nemesis Rail Burton on Trent 2/15

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Nemesis, Burton-on-Trent
IU 02xxxx series


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Nemesis Rail, Burton on Trent** *** ****Mokie
Nemesis rail, Burton on Trent** *** ****michael doleman
Nemesis Rail, Burton** *** **** Greg Hartle
Nemesis, Burton on Trent** *** ****Matthew Marsh
Crewe Diesel2012-01-03Dave Denton
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  • 025017

    1 June 2005 - Ben Williams

    Note this vehicle is now partly derailed! The cutting area is behind and to the left of this wagon.

  • 11 March 2015 - Matthew Marsh

    This vehicle is now Nemesis Rail Burton. Noted that it still retains reference to its former home at Crewe TMD on one side.