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B889302 / BR NPCCS 99204 / 34995
Peak Rail Darley Dale

Preservation location:
Peak Rail
IU 02xxxx series


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Peak Rail - Rowsley** *** ****Roger Harris
Peak Rail** *** ****Hez, G Goswell
Peak Rail, Rowsley** *** ****Brian Cuttell
Peak Rail2018-08-18Cristoff

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  • 025030

    26 January 2003 - Ben

    This vehicle has now been preserved at Peak Rail at Rowsley. See other picture on the site.

  • 025030

    30 January 2003 - Vince

    Just to add to what Ben said, this was moved to Rowsley the day after this photo was taken.

  • 025030

    27 February 2004 - michael costar

    this used to be a bullion van. 992xx i believe.

  • 025030

    28 February 2004 - Ben

    Its former number was 889302 (992xx number before that I think) and it was indeed a bullion van as you say. Spent its earlier IU days in a siding at Stafford (see other pic on the site) and was easily visible from passing WCML trains...

  • 889302

    10 April 2004 - Ben Williams

    This coach was later renumbered again to become 025030 which now resides at Rowsley - see other pictures on the site

  • 025030

    8 February 2011 - w caswell

    could you tell if this coach was used by thesouthern and [f so was it painted green as there used to be one kept at clapham juntion for use bringing the gold from southamton

  • 025030

    9 February 2011 - Ben Williams

    sounds more like 889301?

  • 025030

    9 February 2011 - S Jordan

    These vehicles were converted from BSK's in 1965/6 and were, I believe, maroon to start with, none were allocated to the Southern Region. However in later years they were often stabled at Clapham as you say but by this time they were blue and grey. I'm pretty sure none recieved green livery

  • 025030

    9 February 2011 - sam burke

    as ben said, it sounds more like 889301. heck, there's even photos of it on site. do a search (topright)

  • 025030

    9 February 2011 - tim robbins

    These vehicles were all converted from ex- Southern Region BSK's (which would have been green before conversion), but I believe that as bullion vans they were blue & grey from the outset. The Railway Magazine published a colour picture early in 1967 of a steam-hauled Bournemouth express with a bullion van as the leading vehicle - it was in ex-works condition in blue & grey. 083636 &083637 were on the Southern for a number of years - one of their last uses was to transport electrical spares for the Isle of Wight ex - LT tube stock from LT premises to Fratton for onward shipment to the island.