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Scrapped - Scarborough on site ?/86?


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Doncaster Depot / Wood Yard** *** ****Roger Harris
Doncaster TMD** *** ****Roger Harris
Doncaster TMD** *** ****Roger Harris
Doncaster Small Plant Depot** *** ****Roger Harris
Scarborough1985-10-05Andy Prime
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  • 042003, 041266

    3 January 2015 - Ben Williams

    Richard has listed the red van on the left as 042003 but this is different to my lists - anyone confirm what this van is please?

  • 042003, 041266

    3 January 2015 - IAN RAILS

    Hi Ben

    ther were 2 items of rolling stock given this number

    1960 series (first) 042003 ex LNER44419 VAN ALLOCATED SCARBOROUGH SCRAPPED COOPERS SHEFFIELD 05-89

    second series

    042003 ex B333715 hopper wagon but understand conversion cancelled



  • 042003, 041266

    9 January 2015 - Andy Prime

    04'2003' clearly visible on my photo when enlarged.

  • 042003, 041266

    9 January 2015 - Ben Williams

    Thanks Ian / Andy. I will add a note to existing 042003 entry as duplicate numbers play havoc with my lists! However I have the coal hopper as disposed at Coopers 4/89 which seems to much of a coincidence?!

  • 042003, 041266

    9 January 2015 - Steven Jordan

    Hi, 042001-042014 were issued to 24.5t Coal hoppers for IU at Coalite, Bolsover. This was subsequently cancelled and the wagons allocated were scrapped in April1989. 042016-042123 were issued to similar 24.5t hoppers also for use at Bolsover in September 1989. However 042048 was also cancelled with the wagon again being scrapped in April 1989. Some of these wagons did not carry there IU numbers and all were scrapped by Sadlers of Rotherham between November 1993 and February 1994 after the rationalisation of internal rail transport at Coalite. Some of this information does contradict published data with reports of these wagons being scrapped at Booths of Rotherham and Coopers at Sheffield. I did photograph many of these wagons back in 1990 and from memory I believe some or all of these wagons were broken up on site. Again from memory I believe these wagons were already in use at Coalite before the IU numbers were issued, can somebody confirm this please. Furthermore the North Eastern Region had an earlier numbering range for Internal Users from which the 042003 at Scarborough came, hope this helps regards Steve

  • 042003, 041266

    9 April 2015 - Simon Jones

    When I visited Bolsover Coalite Works in March 1992 I recorded all of 042016-042123 series as present and I have a photograph of a the remains of a scrapped wagon on site as well.

  • 042003, 041266

    11 April 2015 - David Hudson

    Visited Bolsover Coalite Works in July 1991, all internals found from 042016 to 042123 apart from 042027 / 033 / 082.

  • 041266

    18 May 2016 - Andy Prime

    A NER Diagram G2 Van from the early 1900's. On the other (non-sunny) side was an LNER wagon plate which read 'LNER 02731'. I made a note at the time that the first digit was missing from the plate so we are guessing it was a '1'.

  • 10 March 2018 - Paul Walter Bartlett

    The number 042166 appears to have been used twice. I have looked at my notebook, as well as my photos and the use of 042166 written on M196637 is clear. The wagon alongside it at Wakefield Kirkgate on 28 June 1981 was 042165.

  • 12 March 2018 - Ben Williams

    042166 or 041266?

  • 17 March 2018 - John Hall

    LMS Wagon M196637 built 1932 to Lot 618 to LMS Diagram 1830 Goods Van was initially condemned at Stourton C&W in period 12/64 (circa Feb 1964) and transferred to the departmental fleet at the same location in period 22/65 (circa August 1965). It survived until a second condemnation in February 1981 at Wakefield Kirkgate when it was transferred to the internal number series as 041536. Roger Butcher recorded in his Rail magazine column that due to an error the vehicle was issued the number 041266 duplicating an earlier vehicle and should be 041536 NOT 041266 so I believe the box van referred to should be M196637 that became 041266/041536 and was scrapped at Wakefield (Withams) by H.T.Cartwright in June 1982