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FAV 041281 - 13t Conflat A


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Derby Litchurch Lane - wagon in yellow livery observed 1/17 matching in description.


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  • 041281

    27 November 2003 - Ben

    This wagon was recently spotted at Doncaster station (Nov 2003) and it has been deduced that this and at least one other match wagon formerly at York works has moved south to Doncaster Bombardier works.

  • 041281

    17 February 2004 - nick tinsley

    Is this vehicle currently being used. Do you know who owns it and where it is stored. This enquiry could lead to a preservation attempt. Thanks.

  • 041281

    2 November 2005 - Roger Phillips

    041281 is currently at Bombardier, Litchurch Lane, Derby (Carriage Works) where I saw it on 1 November 2005. It appears to be in use as a match wagon for London Underground tube-gauge stock, being fitted with a 'Wedgelock' adapter at one end.

  • 041281

    30 November 2010 - Ben Williams

    If anyone can give us an update of what match wagons remain at Derby Litchurch Lane that would also be very helpful!

  • 041281

    1 February 2017 - Ben Williams

    It is thought this is currently visible again at the back of Derby Litchurch Lane in a mainly yellow livery. Again if anyone knows anyone who can confirm what still remains on site here that would be very helpful.

  • 041281

    4 February 2017 - Ben Williams

    A useful photo even though partly obscured by the fence. A comparison of the rusty holes in the side panels with the other photo on this website means this is almost certainly a repainted 041281.

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