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National Railway Museum, Shildon. October 2018 - currently stored in goods shed with no public access.

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National Railway Museum, Shildon
IU 04xxxx series


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NRM - Shildon** *** ****Peter Hall
NRM - Shildon** *** ****Peter Hall
NRM - Shildon** *** ****Peter Hall
NRM - Shildon** *** ****Peter Hall
NRM - Shildon** *** ****Peter Hall
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  • 31 October 2018 - Peter Hall

    Not seen on visits made to Shildon on 20th May 2017 and 24th October 2018. Only possible location where it could be hidden was the locked Goods Shed. NRM website says on display at Shildon! Anyone any knowledge of the precise current location of this?

  • 31 October 2018 - Vince

    Hi Peter - I've been in touch and am very reliably informed that your hunch is correct - it is stored in the goods shed.