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Moved to Tilia Business Park, Hoveton 8/10. Moved to Leiston works Railway during 2015

IU 04xxxx series


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Tilia Business Park, Hoveton** *** ****Dave Warby
Tilia Business Park, Hoveton** *** ****Dave Warby
Hoveton & Wroxham** *** ****Phil Hetherington
Hoveton & Wroxham** *** ****Brian Stanway
Hoveton & Wroxham** *** ****Vince
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  • 041364

    16 January 2003 - Vince

    This is certainly a rare type of wagon nowadays!! Especially in the attractive woodrot/rust/brown/orange livery!

  • 041364

    17 January 2003 - Peter Matlands

    you're right. i think the last operational one was owned by merseyrail and scrapped/preserved a few months ago.

  • 041364

    23 April 2007 - Ben Williams

    The guards van recently discovered at Holyhead with the two Palbrick wagons appears to be the same type as this. However this one looks to be in considerably better condition than the Holyhead one which has suffered fire damage...

  • 041364

    23 April 2007 - Dave Carson

    Slight correction: The last traditional brake vans in use on an operational railway are those on London Underground - Now allocated to LUL's Heritage Fleet at Ruislip Depot. The main survivors are:

    B558 - Hurst Nelson, 1935

    B580, 583, 584, 585,- Ashford 1965

    B586 - Ex BR B955096 - Ashford 1962 was never part of LT Engineers Fleet, bought by LUL Heritage Fleet (usually carries extra long jumper cables and brake hoses for through power and braking.

  • 041364

    23 April 2007 - EDDIE DEVALL

    This may be seen as taking things too far off topic but as it has already been referred to here goes. Peter Matlands said way back in Jan 03 that Mersyrail had scrapped / preserved the last ( traditional ) operational Brake Van.

    As I 185ived past Allerton depot on Friday last a Mersyrail liveried 73XXXX could be seen though the No appeared to be graffed over.

    If this is the one mentioned and Peter or anyone else has a No that would be great,on or off site.



  • 041364

    23 April 2007 - Ben Williams

    Well yes this is interesting because Allerton used to have 4 internal users of this type - one went to Dean Forest (025043 / Old number: ADM732400) with 025042 (Old number: ADM732268) and 025044 (Old number: ADM732426) and 025045 (Old number: ADM732428) apparently remaining. However 025042 and 025044 haven't been reported since 2002 with 025045 last sighting 2005. So perhaps two have been scrapped with 025045 the remaining one? Confirmation would be good thanks!

  • 041364

    24 April 2007 - EDDIE DEVALL

    Woe is me for my lack of knowledge, I am forever gratefully indebted to my betters.

    I was unaware that 4 of the Mersyrail 73XXXs had become IUs. Is it known when this happened and did they carry their IU numbers?

    My last logged sightings of ADM732268 / 426 / 428 were 31/8/01.

  • 041364

    24 April 2007 - Ben Williams

    Suspect they never carried their IU numbers but willing to be corrected! Does anyone have any photos of these four perhaps?

  • 041364

    31 August 2007 - Peter Cummings

    I've got 732268 and another at Allerton in 93. taken by another, so I'll get his OK before sending.

    The 'big' railway still has brake vans in operational use, for shunting/piloting moves. Most frequent now is the Cattewater trip from Tavistock Jctn. CAR types, and a Queen Mary, have seen use on this job.

    Sharks are still in use for Pway work, but mostly without their braking capabilities.