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Scrapped - Chesterton Junction on site ?/16


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chesterton junction. only frame left now.** *** ****Michael Winter
Chesterton Junction** *** ****Ben Williams
Chesterton Junction Yard** *** ****Jon Horswell
Chesterton Junction2008-06-22Brian Stanway
Chesterton Junction2007-02-12Bryan Dawes
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  • 041467

    6 January 2003 - Vince

    This burnt out frame and one hopper wagon is all that remains in Chesterton Junction yard. A visit back in '98 was much more productive, with several IU/departmentals being present..

  • 041467

    2 April 2006 - Ben

    As you can see this van is actually raised up on concrete blocks! There is also the frame of another gounded van just visible to the left.

  • 041467

    13 June 2011 - Jon Horswell

    This vehicle is not possible to see from the running lines due to the amount of vegetation. We can only assume, with the last positive sighting in 2008, that it is on site seeing that the yard has yet to be cleared (so to speak).

    Incidentally, a little of topic I know but does anyone know the identity of the car loading ramp wagon parked up in the Potter Group sidings at nearby Ely and how long it has been there. I cant find information on it anywhere but assume it is not an Internal User?

    Thanks in advance

  • 041467

    16 June 2011 - Paul Cheesemore

    Its MATS94147 - no idea how long its been there

  • 041467

    21 June 2011 - Jon Horswell

    Ok. Thanks very much Paul.

  • 041467

    5 May 2012 - Ben Williams

    Anyone local able to see if this frame still remains please? Assume it does but as Jon says I didn't see it when passing by train in December but wasn't 100% sure where I should have been looking amongst the trees - which made it more difficult!

  • 2 March 2013 - Jon Horswell

    At last. A confirmed sighting. This vehicle is still clinging to life at Chesterton Junction Yard, along with the grounded body of a van next to it which is also burnt out. The yard has been completely cleared of vegetation and the vehicle is quite easy to see.

  • 2 March 2013 - Peter Anthony Cummings

    It may now be on the threatened list, as there is to be a new station somewhere around this location.

    The guided busway thing must run quite close behind it too. If it runs at all yet that is.

  • 17 May 2013 - Ben Williams

    Still there today. Another one off the list I thought I'd never see!

  • 11 September 2018 - Ben Williams

    Assume this one is now gone???

  • 11 September 2018 - David Denton

    Hi Ben

    Yes it has gone assume contractors dealt with it when Cambridge North was built

    Dave D

  • 12 September 2018 - Ben Williams

    Ok thanks. Assume some point during 2016?