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Moved to Midsomer Norton station 7/06. Brief move to Churnet Valley Railway c.5/10. Returned to Midsomer Norton late 2014.

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Midsomer Norton Station
IU 04xxxx series


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Midsomer Norton Station** *** ****G Goswell, Hez
Midsomer Norton Station** *** ****Peter Hall
Midsomer Norton Station** *** ****Peter Hall
Midsomer Norton Station** *** ****Peter Hall
Midsomer Norton Station** *** ****Richard G Thomas
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  • 15 June 2015 - Ben Williams

    Possibly now at Midsomer Norton but confirmation needed please.

  • 26 May 2020 - Simon Jones

    Strange that it went from Midsomer Norton in 2009 to Oakamoor in 2011 then back again to Midsomer Norton. How did that come about ?

  • 29 May 2020 - Ben Williams

    Yes this is odd. Notes above say it moved in 2014 but that can't be right as we have a photo of it at MN in 2006. Suspect the Oakamoor sightings are errors for another milk tank...

  • 29 May 2020 - Ben Williams

    Having now looked at VCT wagon page it apparently did move from MN to Oakamoor and then back again!

    Photo on there shows a nice restoration job too.