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Departmental number:
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ADE321072 / E251077
Scrapped on site at Mangapps Farm Museum ?/06?

Preservation location:
Mangapps Farm


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Mangapps Farm Museum** *** ****Andrew Jenkins
Mangapps Farm Museum** *** ****Bryan Dawes
Kevin Stroud
Mangapps Farm Museum** *** ****Steve Best
Immingham WRD** *** ****Peter Hall
Immingham Yard** *** ****Ben Williams
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  • 321072

    7 January 2003 - Ben

    This was allocated IU number 041978 and spent a lot of time at Immingham yard where it was observed during 1997.

  • 041978

    13 November 2004 - Peter Cummings

    Wonderful. Always was curious about the innards of these things.

    Shot to come of this blowing off at Kings Cross, 20+years ago - as soon as I master the new scanner.

  • 041978

    10 August 2005 - Stephen Hodgson

    I would suggest the barrel is not as converted, DE321073 doesn't have anything like this inside ! It has 2 Spanner vertical boilers in the centre, with waist-high, full-width tanks each end, 1 for water and one for fuel, I believe and a small Lister generator by one tank. A similar-looking boiler can be seen in Loughborough yard between the platforms and shed (as of 7th August)

    Any progress with the KX pic Peter ?

  • 041978

    1 October 2008 - Ben Williams

    Apparently this has now been scrapped...

  • 041978

    24 July 2010 - Paul Bartlett

    Other photograph of this at

  • 16 January 2013 - Steven Jordan

    Spent a few years at immingham Wagon Repair Depot out of use, but I don't recall it ever recieving an IU number even if it was allocated.

  • 5 August 2019 - Peter Hall

    Initially sold c1998 to Central Railway Engineering. Remained at Immingham until re-sold to Mangapps Farm Museum.