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NKV 042126 - Mark 1 GUV


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Moved to Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway 12/17



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  • 042126 detail

    19 September 2009 - SD0853

    Now preserved on the Churnet Valley Railway.

  • 042126 detail

    20 September 2009 - peter Cummings

    That numbering style should have been compulsory for all I.U. vehicles. How different life would have been.

  • 042126 detail

    6 October 2009 - Martin Allen

    According to my notes, this is the former Tinsley Depot electrical fitters workshop, a GUV numbered E 93828.

  • 042126 detail

    6 April 2010 - Ben Williams

    As per question under 041912 pic - does anyone know if this received a trademark Tinsley name?!

  • 042126 detail

    6 April 2010 - peter Cummings

    I wasn't aware that said names extended to anything other than locos.


  • 042126 detail

    7 April 2010 - SD0853

    Nothing other than Loco's got the famed painted names.

  • 042126 detail

    7 April 2010 - Simon Bendall

    Not quite true - Snow King and Snow Queen weren't locos :O)

  • 042126 detail

    8 April 2010 - SD0853

    I'll give you that one. I forgot about them, lol

  • 042126 detail

    28 July 2011 - Robin Morel

    according to the new book "life and times of a railway fitter at Tinsley Maintenance Depot" by Phil Hodgkiss this vehicle did indeed have a name -

    but is recorded as ex NKV 93838, the name being TAN-Y-ARSE applied 24-4-92.

  • 042126 detail

    30 June 2016 - ian saunders

    I remember seeing this van with the unofficial name Tan-Y-Arse applied in the usual Tinsley style sat inside the main depot building on a couple of occasions when I managed to get allowed in and have a look around, but never saw it outside the building.

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