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YVP 042129 - 38t Rectank


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Churnet Valley Railway


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  • 042129

    3 July 2010 - Peter Ellis

    200 off of the 38ton Rectanks were built in 1918 for the War Department for the carriage of the newly developed tanks from the maufacturers to the battlefield. After the war, in about 1921, many were sold off to the pre-grouping railway companies. For example GWR, LNWR and NER. The LNWR bought 40 of them and they passed to the LMS in 1923 and onwards to BR in 1948. They were numbered (2)79109 to (2) 79148 and it is believed that they lasted in mainline service to about 1960. A number are in preservation, but this one appears, on the evidence of its number, to have remained in army service all its life. Their original WD numbers were 12001 to 12200. Does any one know how to convert from those numbers to the current number.

  • 042129

    4 July 2010 - Paul Bartlett


    Sorry but this is a far more modern wagon - built in 1959 - 1960 as a Rectank EC. BR had 78 of these built for them. Butcher has this one as originally B909012. See for this type of wagon.

  • 29 May 2017 - Greg Hartle

    This vehicle currently houses the engine for 47524, and is located in the workshop building

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