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042197 - LNER TO


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Severn Valley Railway. (First use of number - NER series. 042197 also allocated to 12t van DB786924 - scrapped at Doncaster Wood yard - date unknown)


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  • 042197

    31 October 2002 - Ben

    I suspect this is the first allocation of this number as the present 042197 is a very different vehicle. The number is just visible on the side of the coach.

  • 042197

    1 November 2002 - Simon Jones

    Yes it does seem strange - the SCT book has 042197 as being ex DB768924 ZDV allocated to Doncaster Wood Yard. Surely this is not the same vehicle.

  • 042197

    1 November 2002 - Simon Bendall

    I suspect this is from the NER internal user series rather than the ER series. Numbers were duplicated between the two series.

  • 042197

    1 November 2002 - Mike Porter

    This coach is 1934 built LNER TO 43612, later (1946) 13366.

    Became internal user 042197. Preserved 1979 by Gardner-Shaw (Minerals) Ltd. Now preserved at Severn Valley Railway.

  • 042197

    1 November 2002 - Brian Cuttell

    Nice photo - good to see vehicles like this one restored and carrying passengers again. As Mike says, it is E13366E, which is at the Severn Valley Railway carrying its earlier number 43612 last i heard. Very few of the first 04xxxx series have survived but this is one of them. The later 042197 allocated to Doncaster Wood Yard was a BR 12 ton van.

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