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Scrapped - Tees yard on site 2/12


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tees yard** *** ****alan moore
Tees Yard** *** ****Robert Hewison
Tees Yard (west end)** *** ****Paul Cheesemore
Tees Yard** *** ****Malcolm Richardson
Tees Yard2008-10-12Vince, Ben Williams
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  • 042245

    23 December 2005 - Ben Williams

    This is the famous Thornaby tank which has a face painted on the other end!

  • 042245

    13 June 2006 - Ben

    I suspect the famous smiley tank isn't used any more? so not sure how long this will survive here....

  • 30 January 2012 - vince

    reports on another group indicate that this is about to be scrapped...

  • 19 February 2012 - alan moore

    sorry my report should of said, confirmed as scrapped by 19.02.12