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060773 - Cartic Ramp


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Possibly still extant at Harwich Parkeston Quay yard?


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  • 24 November 2016 - Peter Hall

    Today a non-railway business visit was made to Harwich Parkeston Quay. However, it was established that two Cartic Ramps are present, both constructed on coach underframes. Unfortunately no numerical identification could be established, photographs have though been taken. One is surely this whilst the other is possibly 041329 or 041363. Both these were originally LNER carriages. 041329 was BTO 3595. later 16675, this then had its bodywork removed and became Carflat B748668, later having a ramp added and becoming 041329. The original identity of 041363 is unknown but it was converted to CCT (E) B889139, alternatively referred to as Bocar (I know very little about these vans) but presumably it gained new bodywork. Its bodywork was later removed and it became 041363. On a visit in February 1986 I recorded 041363 and 060773 as did Barry Hickman that May. I did not visit Harwich Town Yard and presume Barry didn't either based on the first edition of 'Internal User Vehicles'. It would appear Roger Butcher visited Harwich Town a few months later as did Roger Harris and found 041329 and 041363 as recorded in the 1992 book 'British Rail Internal Users'. This suggests 041363 moved cJune 1986 from Parkeston Quay to Town Yard. Did it subsequently move back or could it be 041329 or another seen today?

  • 29 November 2016 - Peter Hall

    Has anyone got a picture of this Cartic Ramp?

    That would hopefully prove conclusively which of the pair at Harwich Parkeston Quay it actually is. Both 041329 and 041363 are now ruled out as the pair both appear to have BR Mark I underframes.

  • 4 January 2017 - Ben Williams

    The photo of what we now think is probably 060773 will be added soon.

  • 060773

    4 February 2017 - Ben Williams

    This wagon was found recently at Harwich and after extensive research by Peter Hall and others it has been established that this is almost certainly 060773.

  • 5 August 2017 - Paul Cheesemore

    Am assuming 060773 is the Cartic Ramp nearer Harwich Int'l station?? Both Ramps were visible from passing trains today

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