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YVP 061082 - 38t Rectank


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Swansea Landore TMD. Carried fleet number 1 from local Bristol IU flat wagon numbering series. Unconfirmed if still carried.


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  • 061082

    15 September 2008 - Ben Williams

    It's former partner 061081 has been relocated to Laira

  • 061082

    5 May 2012 - Ben Williams

    Anyone seen this at Landore lately please? No sightings since 2009

  • 061082

    3 April 2013 - Ben Williams

    Anyone seen this lately please? If so would it be visible from any surrounding roads?

  • 1 February 2017 - Ben Williams

    Still no sightings of this since 2009... my memory is that it would be visible from passing trains if in the location in photo? Odd that it has just vanished? Guess it could have moved inside a shed - anyone know anyone who knows someone to ask or check?! Thanks

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Swansea Landore TMD** *** ****Simon Jones
Swansea Landore TMD** *** ****Brian Stanway
Swansea Landore TMD** *** ****Rex Beech
Swansea Landore TMD** *** ****Eddie Devall
Swansea Landore TMD** *** ****Mark Thomas
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