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Moved to East Somerset Railway 8/17. Believed to be destined for North Somerset Railway - confirmation needed. Carries "FLAT BED 4" and fleet number 7 from local Bristol IU flat wagon numbering series.

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East Somerset Railway
IU 06xxxx series


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Old Oak Common wheel lathe shed** *** ****Ben Williams
Old Oak Common** *** ****Allan Jenkins
Old Oak Common FGW Depot** *** ****Jon Horswell
Old Oak Common2010-05-25Brian Stanway
Old Oak Common HST Depot2010-03-27Alan Moore

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  • 061083

    10 January 2009 - Ben Williams

    Another very interesting recent find inside the FGW shed here at Old Oak. This wagon carried no plate or painted number but it was the number 7 visible here on the end that provided the key!

    Back in May 2008, John Hall sent me the following information:

    "3 IU's survived the closure of that location (Bristol Bath Road) with 061030 (904539), 061083 (900933) being transferred to Bristol St Phillips Marsh depot and 061084 (230952) to Marsh Jct where Roger Butcher recorded them on 30/11/96 also carrying numbers 5, 7, 6 respectively. Rail Express 2/97 p55."

    With 061083 carrying a number 7 back in 1996 and matching the correct type of wagon it is now almost certain that this is 061083 (900933.) We await a similarly close inspection to see if any number is still stamped into this one too.

    It also carries "FLAT BED 4" on an A4 laminated sheet attached to it.

    For the record, as well as 061085 near the buffers, the following flat wagons make up this interesting rake which rarely sees daylight!

    YBA DB994281 aka FLAT BED 3

    YBA DB994229 aka FLAT BED 2

    DB994943 aka FLAT BED 1

  • 061083

    5 May 2012 - Ben Williams

    Likewise an update on these vehicles at Old Oak would also be appreciated please. I see the former loco shed area is now completely flattened and a building site for Crossrail...

  • 061083

    5 May 2012 - Jon Horswell

    A couple of my friends are drivers at Old Oak and have confirmed to me that they are still on site. I myself however can not vouch for this as I have not seen them personally. They have a tendency to remain deeply ensconed inside the confines of the shed (Road 15 to be precise) and only get dragged out VERY occassionally.

    Incidentally Ben, are you aware that there are two more internal users here at the depot in the form of a pair of GUV's No's 94003 and 94006. They are used as stores vans and are located on Road 16 (on the other side of the wall in this photo). They have been there a good number of years and are clearly visible from Old Oak Lane if no Turbos or HSTs are parked in the way. As with vehicle 94121 listed at Toton I feel these should be mentioned on this site...........

  • 061083

    13 May 2012 - Ben Williams

    thanks Jon - if any of them (or any other FGW staff here) are able to add sightings that would be useful. Likewise any gen on times when they might get shunted out of the shed I'm sure would be appreciated by many here!

    Good point about the other two GUVs...

  • 061083

    2 June 2012 - Ben Williams

    94003 & 94006 now added. Unsure what liveries they carry at present?

  • 061083

    24 April 2016 - Ben Williams

    These still reside inside the shed at OOC and make very occasional ventures outside - but not at any point I have passed by almost daily for the last 18 months!

  • 061083

    1 May 2017 - Ben Williams

    Visible this evening by the wheel lathe with the other four wagons but may be a brief bank holiday appearance!