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Grounded at Laira TMD

Grounded Bodies
IU 06xxxx series


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Plymouth Laira TMD** *** ****Andrew Martin
Laira TMD** *** ****David Bellamy
Laira Plymouth** *** ****Tony Mason
Plymouth Laira TMD2016-04-09Bob Parsons
Laira2015-06-22Dave Warby

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  • 061202

    17 October 2006 - Ben Williams

    This van remains at Laira today - and I think is still in this livery?! Any more recent photos would be very welcome!

  • 061202

    23 June 2012 - Ben Williams

    As per recent forum comment - anyone know which other van that also received this livery please?

  • 061202

    7 February 2019 - Andrew Martin

    Still in this livery.

  • 061202

    8 February 2019 - Jon Horswell

    I wonder if it is painted on both sides.