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ZZO 083332 - Hand Crane


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Scrapped - Titley Junction station, Kington, Herefordshire 6/11


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  • 083332

    24 June 2003 - Ben

    Strictly speaking an item of OTP normally covered on OTPnet, but this was allocated an IU number (formerly ADS 1854) and spent many years here at Tonbridge... I believe it has now been scrapped on site.

  • 083332

    24 June 2003 - Brian Cuttell

    It was supposed to be going to the Spa Valley Railway years ago but never moved. Let's hope that someone saved it at the last minute (I can't believe that preservationists would let this one get away).

  • 083332

    24 October 2004 - Ben Williams

    It has in fact turned up at Titley Junction in Herefordshire so it has been saved!

  • 083332

    5 September 2006 - Lesley Hunt

    Any Info On the Hand Crane Would be Appreciated. Still awaiting restoration at Titley Junction Station.

  • 083332

    11 September 2006 - Mark - Anthony Ray


    It may not be relevant but whilst i was at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre (10/9/06) there was a very similar crane (Cowans Sheldon). If you are after specific information regarding the type of crane, may be worth contacting the Centre.

  • 4 February 2018 - Tony Andrews

    Told today that he put it up for sale and got no takers, so sold it for scrap value

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Titley Junction Station, Herefordshire** *** ****Alex Betteney
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