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NPV 083356 - SR BY


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Moved to Rowler Manor, Croughton. Private location


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  • 083356

    29 January 2004 - Ben

    After initially thinking this was 083355 it has now been found out that it is actually most likely 083356. Even more surprisingly considering its location here - this vehicle did eventually make it into preservation at the Rutland Railway Museum! Nick Tompkin recently told me the story:

    "Having looked through my records, I believe that the picture on your site is actually of 083356 which is known to have gone to Booths in January 1992.

    This vehicle led something of a charmed life. It was amongst a batch of around 10 IU vans moved by rail in 1989 from Eastleigh to Coopers Metals, Handsworth for breaking. However, on arrival I understand Coopers discovered that a number of vehicles were van derived and refused to accept them as their contract only related to the scrapping of wagons! I believe BR disputed this view and as a result, the vehicles were dumped in Langley Green sidings awaiting for the contractual issue to be sorted out. In the interim, BR regarded these vehicles as sold so therefore they do not appear in the 1990 issue of Departmental Coaching Stock.

    Over the next few years the vehicles were either resold or accepted by Coopers for breaking but by January 1992 083356, 083372 and 083523 were still dumped at Langley Green. They were then tripped to Bescot where they were joined by cable drum carriers 975101 and 975110 before all five moved to Booths for scrap. However, it didn't end there as all three vans were promptly resold by Booths for preservation and appear on the website at their current locations.

    To confuse matters further, 083355 did go to Booths but in June 1989! It wasn't present when I had a guided tour of the works in August 1990 and October 1991 and was almost certainly scrapped in 1989. I am fairly certain therefore that the picture from 1992 on the website depicts 083356 not 083355 as stated. Indeed, as coaching stop was only lifted if delivered by road at this time, I would suggest 083356 was being loaded onto the lorry visible in the background on route to a new life in preservation."

  • 083356

    12 December 2009 - Steve Cross

    Stores Van S 412 S. Transferred 10/80 (BY Dia 3092 Ashford/Eastleigh 1937 RSCO A928). Info from Platform 5 Dept. Coaching Stock book 3rd Ed 1987.

  • 31 March 2015 - Peter Hall

    This disappeared from the Rutland Railway Museum in about 2010/2011. I have yet to establish what became of it. Does anyone know? It could possibly have been broken up but if so I would have thought the chassis would have found further use elsewhere matched with a pre-grouping passenger carriage body.

  • 1 April 2017 - John Hall

    083356 along with 083372, 083523, 975101 and 975113 (NOT 975110) arrived at C.F.Booth Ltd (then Booth-Roe Metals Ltd) Rotherham on 27th January 1992. Date courtesy of Mike Kennard notes.

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