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Sold to private owner at Great Central Railway from Coopers Metals, Handsworth 5/92 (with 083489.) Carries B 776852 in error. Departed GCR during 2017 to an unknown private location.

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Great Central Railway
IU 08xxxx series


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Swithland Sidings - Great Central Railway** *** ****Roger Harris
Great Central Railway - Swithland** *** ****Ben Williams
Great Central Railway** *** ****Phil Hetherington
Great Central Railway - Swithland2007-12-22Brian Stanway
Great Central Railway1998-12-13Alex Betteney

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  • 083516

    12 June 2007 - Ben

    There was apparently a sighting of this at the Great Central Railway in 1995 so there is some confusion whether this was a mistake or whether it has now been scrapped - again any info welcome!

  • 083516

    20 June 2007 - Brian Cuttell

    083516 - Reported to have arrived at the Great Central Railway on 30/5/92.

  • 083516

    27 June 2007 - john palin


    Reported as sold to Great Central

    Sighted on 1.06.95 at Midland Railway Centre

    Source: Vintage Carriage Trust wagon section

    Hope this is of some help

  • 083516

    28 June 2007 - Brian Cuttell

    The VCT wagon site originally had all the wagons from the MRC & GCR mixed up together under one heading. Although a valiant attempt has been made to correct this there are still a few GCR wagons incorrectly listed as at the MRC.

    083516 has the owner listed as GCR so the sighting was presumably at the GCR in 1995 not at the MRC.

  • 083516

    2 July 2007 - John Palin

    083516 / 779852

    This wagon is not listed in theGCR Stock book dated 2002.

    It does however list a van numbered776852 which I assume is a different van to 083516

    Could this be a case of mistaken ID

    BR Internal Users book published by SCT dated 1992 shows 083516 as scrapped at Coopers Metals Handsworth on 5/92

    Any help appreciated and may the debate continue.

  • 083516

    3 July 2007 - Steve Jordan

    Some more information on 083516 which I can confirm was KDB779852 and was condemned at Woking during period 10 of 1983 and taken into internal user stock by the end of period 12 of 1984. B776852 mentioned by John Palin is a red herring and definately a mistake in the GCR book. It was withdrawn at Exeter Riverside in period 7 of 1980 and broken up at Briton Ferry by the end of period 9 of 1980. Have submitted another print of 083516 in colour.

  • 083516

    5 July 2007 - Chris Thorn

    Seem to recall this van was one of several vintage freight vehicles rescued from Coopers Handsworth at the same time by a prolific stock collector at the GCR. I regularly saw this vehicle in Woking bay and was pleased it survived.

  • 083516

    11 July 2007 - Bob Foster

    This van is at GCR and the owner says it is in the sidings at Swithland

  • 083516

    10 March 2008 - Phil Hetherington

    The van at Swithland is _definitely_ B776852; quite apart from being painted on the body side this number is clearly stamped on the underframe. I know, because I took a powered wire brush to it on Saturday to try to clear this mystery up!

    Thus any reference to B779852 at the GCR must be in error, I think.

    Phil (GCR volunteer)

  • 083516

    15 March 2008 - Ben Williams

    OK Ive deleted the GCR sighting and reverted back to the original reference of this van actually being scrapped in 5/92! Hopefully thats the end of this one! Thanks to all who have helped...

  • 083516

    2 March 2009 - Phil Hetherington

    The latest...

    It is now confirmed that 083516 (along with 083489) *was* sold to a GCR-based private owner from Coopers Metals, the invoice states both IU numbers and is dated 27.05.92. Thus, 083516 *is* on the GCR and must be the van now numbered B776852.

    The only problem with this is that other records state 083516 as B779852, yet the van on the GCR has 776852 clearly stamped on the underframe (from which the painted-on number was undoubtedly taken). So, what is its real original number? Is it possible that the '9' was stamped upside-down when it was new?

    Certainly some detail differences on this van (e.g. clasp brakes, OLEO buffers) are incorrect for B776852 (should be push brakes, spindle buffers) but would be correct for B779852... so the 'upside-down stamped number' theory looks possible.

    Further thoughts welcome!

  • 11 April 2017 - Philip Hetherington

    This vehicle has left the GCR. I believe it went to a private site (I think the former owner mentioned somewhere in Yorkshire, but I may have got that wrong).