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Moved to Shillingstone Station, Dorset by 4/12

IU 08xxxx series


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Shillingstone station** *** ****Ben Williams
Shillingstone station** *** ****Brian Stanway
Shillingstone Station** *** ****Andrew Jenkins
Shillingstone Stn Project 16/7/2012** *** ****KENNETH FOX
Shillingstone Station** *** ****Richard Smith
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  • 083598

    9 January 2007 - Ben Williams

    This was due to move to Swanage Railway via a location in Portland back in 2004 (?) Does anyone know where it currently resides please?!

  • 083598

    28 August 2012 - Ben Williams

    Ex Bournemouth tank - this spent a while stored in a yard in Portland before turning up here this year.