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Scrapped - BR, Thurso 7/85. White van previously opposite station confirmed *not* this van - wrong type. See photo.


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Thurso** *** ****Roger Harris

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  • 7 February 2020 - John Hall

    M147012 Built 1929 Lot 487 (Diagram 1830) Transferred to Internal User 10/1976 (7840) Transferred to Service Fleet 06/1971 (7851) Condemned from revenue fleet 07/1965 (7501).

    M120434 has the same history. Built 1928 Lot 387 (Diagram 1676)

  • 096035

    15 February 2020 - Ben Williams

    So this photo is very interesting as it proves the white van that used to sit opposite the station was definitely not 096035!

  • 096035

    23 March 2020 - Stewart Whincup

    Just a question for the knowledgable out there, is there a definitive list of the number series used for all of the IU vehicles ?, have learned that they started at 020000 for the LMR, 040000 ER, 060/061/064/070/079 WR & 090/091/095/096/097 SCR, just wondering as a full list would run to many thousands of vehicles, sadly most of which the details may never be discovered.....