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ADW 150375 - Test Car 1


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Moved to South Devon Railway 7/13



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  • ADW 150375

    15 July 2002 - Vince

    In case anyone is wondering why there is a Railfreight Distribution logo on the near end, it's because they sponsored the vehicles repaint in 1994..

  • ADW 150375

    19 March 2007 - Nigel Walls

    currentley building a model of this vehicle, anybody know the wording on the other end?

  • ADW 150375

    19 March 2007 - SD0853

    CM&EE. BRB.

    Technical Centre Derby

    DW 150375

    (Hope this helps)

  • ADW 150375

    21 March 2007 - Ben Williams

    Looking at another photo from around the same time this is correct except it did carry ADW 150375.

  • ADW 150375

    22 December 2008 - Chris Adams

    Model Zone are advertising a limited edititon of this vehicle in the RTC blue & orange livery.

    Unfortunalty the coach used is the earlier version of the auto coach, the one what was origionaly produced by airfix/dapol.

    Even though the image used to advertise is of the origional coach which I think is such a shame that they couldnt produce the correct vehicle.

  • ADW 150375

    23 December 2008 - Ben Williams

    Shame they couldn't also have asked permission to use the photo, but instead try to disguise the fact with some lame Photoshopping!

  • ADW 150375

    3 December 2013 - Roger Bray

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