DE 320256 - -

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Nottingham Heritage Centre, Ruddington
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Nottingham Heritage Centre, Ruddington
DE series

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Mountsorrel Heritage Centre** *** ****Dennis Graham
GCRN, Ruddington** *** **** Greg Hartle
Nottingham Heritage Centre, Ruddington** *** ****Kev Adlam
Nottingham Heritage Centre2010-10-25Richard G Thomas

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  • 18 November 2018 - Dennis Graham

    Restored and on display at Mountsorrel as No.946

  • 3 September 2019 - Peter Hall

    You will notice myself and Roger both saw this at different locations in 1993. However, I believe we didn't both see the same vehicle and both believed we had seen DE320256 despite neither then carrying that number. At both locations a MSLR 6-whl five Compartment third that had latterly been in departmental service was present. By 1993 I'm aware various references existed giving the identity of that at Quainton as being DE320256 so very understandable Roger presumed it was that. It is known the Quainton vehicle came from Hull Docks. It appears that the one at the South Cambridgeshire was sourced via Peterborough and I have been told that DE320256 was sold from there along with DE940402 that also was at the South Cambridgeshire in 1993. With regard to the one at Quainton an alternative identity of DE900167 has been given in the Great Central Railway Journal. It would thus be very interesting to known when and where DE320506 and DE900167 were seen carrying those identities. It is the one from the South Cambridgeshire that is now a Mountsorrel via Ruddington, the other is still at Quainton.