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Buckinghamshire Railway Centre - Quainton Road
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Buckinghamshire Railway Centre
DE series


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Buckinghamshire Railway Centre** *** ****Andrew Frank
Buckinghamshire Railway Centre** *** ****Vince, Ben Williams
Buckinghamshire Railway Centre** *** ****Andrew Martin
Buckinghamshire Railway Centre** *** ****Dennis Graham
Buckinghamshire Railway Centre** *** ****Dave Warby
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  • DE 320832

    16 March 2010 - Martin Allen

    Gents, anyone know what the original LNER running number was and diagram, perchance?

  • DE 320832

    16 March 2010 - IAIN CHALMERS

    Look on Buckinghamshire Railway Centre and "stockbook" Dia 56 8 comp non-corr 3rd stated numbers are 22219, 82145, E81245E. Said to be push-pull fitted and origionally allocated to NBR section on LNER

  • DE 320832

    17 March 2010 - Martin Allen

    Hi Ian, Thanks for the information, much appreciated. I think the "E" number E81245E is a typo for E82145E.

    My notebook says that DE 320832 was a mess van and worked with ballast cleaner No. 76.

  • DE 320832

    18 March 2010 - IAIN CHALMERS

    The above is from Buckinghamshire website and LNER carriages by M Harris. The vintage carriages trust website says broadly the same but adds there is some doubt over the accuracy?

  • 7 June 2014 - Paul Walter Bartlett

    In August 1980 "To travel with Track Layer 78345"

  • 13 January 2019 - Andrew Martin

    Paul, your comment helped me ID this: I'm catching up over 5 years later. Thanks!