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Scrapped - Bird, Long Marston 12/85


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Carnforth** *** ****Leslie Wild
Peterborough** *** ****Leslie Wild

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  • 320899

    24 December 2008 - Dave Smith

    how did this end up here from finsbury park?

  • 320899

    24 December 2008 - Roy Hennefer

    Looks more like FP than WGC to me - wrong caption?

  • 320899

    24 December 2008 - Chris Thorn

    Looks like Western side of line North of Finsbury to me too. Nice looking coach too, no doubt would have been snapped up today.

  • 320899

    27 December 2008 - Ben Williams

    I've contacted Martin and he agrees that the location is probably wrong - now corrected. Thanks to Roy & Chris for pointing it out!

  • 320899

    15 January 2009 - Dave Cullingworth (LNERCA)

    Dia 7 CK Built 1925 for Flying Scotsman set. Shame it did not survive a few more years as it looked to have been still in good structural order.Would have filled a gap in our collection.

  • 20 June 2019 - Bernard Smith

    This vehicle was previously 10152J, 1062, 64133 finally 18028 until numbered into departmental service in April 1961.