395226 - Cinema coach

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Scrapped - details unknown. Withdrawn in 1978.

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  • 17 February 2020 - Stephen Kinsey

    Ido not have any details of this vehicle 395226 which I saw from the entrance of Shields Road Depot in March 1986. Does anyone else know more?

  • 19 February 2020 - Simon Jones

    This from Richard Bywater: DM395226 was a Cinema Coach withdrawn in 1978. Converted 1957 from M7626M - Midland Railway Vestibule Third Coach built Derby 1923. He is doubtful this is the vehicle you saw at Shields Road Depot in 1986.

  • 20 February 2020 - Ben Williams

    395526 seems more likely?

  • 20 February 2020 - John Hall

    395225 and 395226 were moved from York Up yard in freight trains via Tinsley and Bescot yards to Bird Group Long Marston dated 20/21 February 1981. Official disposal date to BLM is period 3/1981