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Scrapped at Liverpool Edge Hill by Central Engineering 4/04


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Liverpool Edge Hill** *** ****Ben Williams
Liverpool Edge Hill** *** ****Colin Bird
Liverpool Edge Hill** *** ****Dennis Graham
Liverpool Edge Hill** *** ****Colin Bird
Liverpool Edge Hill** *** ****Peter Hall
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  • 395896

    23 November 2003 - Ben

    In a bit of a bad state to say the least and not in a great position for a photo - it isn't too clear but the green box is actually sat on another equally rusty wagon in front of the coach! (something I didn't notice while I was there!)

  • 395896

    20 March 2004 - Bill Moore

    Please can anyone advise me what this coach was converted from.

  • 395896

    21 March 2004 - Ben

    Its former number was M5752M