Current number: (no longer numbered in departmental/IU series)
Departmental number:
Any other previous number(s):
3050 / 977435
Formerly 977435 - moved from Battlefield Steam Railway to Nemesis Rail Burton on Trent mid 2013 - confirmation needed.
Preservation location:
Nemesis, Burton-on-Trent
977xxx series
Barrier & Translator vehicles


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Battlefield Railway, Shakerstone** *** ****Mike Porter
Battlefield Railway, Shakerstone** *** ****Peter Wreford
Battlefield Steam Railway** *** ****Brian Stanway
Shackerstone, Battlefield Line** *** ****michael doleman
Battlefield Steam Railway2006-07-15David Denton & Bryan Dawes
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  • 6351 / 977435

    15 December 2009 - Jon Horswell

    Assume this to be another departmental that never carried its allocated number.

  • 6351 / 977435

    15 December 2009 - Bill McTavish

    whats that on the side?!

  • 6351 / 977435

    16 December 2009 - Jon Horswell


  • 6351 / 977435

    17 December 2009 - Matt

    There's what looks like a rusty filing cabinet with a white bin stuck on it, but A) it's +by+ the side, not +on+ the side, and B) my description is useless, as it's probably some important piece of rail equipment I'm not familiar with!

    Either that or you really are talking about the graffiti. Which appears to say "Upism"!

  • 6351 / 977435

    17 December 2009 - Simeon Gaskell

    The lettering on the far end says "IC225 Barrier Vehicle". I think the class 91s plus mark 4 stock were originally marketed at Inter-City 225s because they travel at 140miles per hour which is 225 kilometres per hour. The name was later dropped, perhaps because it caused confusion.

  • 6351 / 977435

    17 December 2009 - Mike Smith

    Going back to Jon's original point at the top - I assume you mean the 977435 number! To which I'm not sure if it did...

  • 6351 / 977435

    17 December 2009 - Jon Horswell

    Thankyou very much mike. My point understood exactly!

  • 6351 / 977435

    19 December 2009 - Dave Shell - Northumbria Rail Ltd.

    The rusty filing cabinet is probably a shore to ship supply point for plugging stock in which had either a charging point or a connection for external power to save draining the batteries when static.

  • 8 August 2013 - Jon Horswell

    This has now moved to Nemesis premises (!) in Burton, apparently.