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KDV ADE 75205 - Stores van


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Scrapped - Colchester CS on site ?/10


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  • E 75205

    13 July 2008 - Phil Scott

    I think this looks like a BR fish van body, but I am not certain.

  • E 75205

    14 July 2008 - Ben Williams

    I'd say it was almost definitely a fish van! - which leads me to think it may have been included in the back of the old preserved coaching stock books....?

  • E 75205

    14 July 2008 - Jon Horswell

    Looks like the photo was taken from a moving train. Good shot Phil.

  • E 75205

    14 July 2008 - Phil Scott

    It was indeed taken from a moving train. Just a lucky shot I guess. There are usually nine bad ones for the one good one!

  • E 75205

    14 July 2008 - Phil Scott

    I have checked the Vintage Carriage Trust database, and there are no fish van included for Colchester (or indeed anything else). If it is a BR design, then the number will start 87xxx or possibly 88xxx.

  • E 75205

    16 July 2008 - sam burke

    there ws another van at colchester i remember it being dismolished back n '03

  • E 75205

    16 September 2008 - Paul Johnson

    It is possibly an LNER fish van in the 75xxx series. The BR one is based on this. There is a similar one at The Nene Valley Railway.

  • E 75205

    7 October 2008 - Phil Scott

    It has been suggested to me that this might be 87970. Can anyone confirm one way or the other? e.g. if they have disposal details for 87970 this would rule it out.

  • E 75205

    8 October 2008 - Andy Prime

    Departmental Coaching Stock June 1987, shows ADE 75205 ZRV RM&EE Stores Van as being at Colchester (LNER Fish Van dia 214) probably that then ?

  • E 75205

    18 May 2009 - Steve Best

    I can confirm it is indeed LNER FVY 75205

  • E 75205

    7 June 2011 - Robert west

    removed from site during 2010.

    Persumed scrapped on site.

  • 6 July 2017 - Peter Hall

    Before being located at Colchester I feel sure ADE75205 was located at Stanway Yard (Eight Ash Green) south of Colchester, a somewhat secluded location. Reports of what could be found there in the 1970s and early 1980s are almost non existent but any that do exist might help resolve a number of queries.

    The sightings by Roger Harris I feel sure are of it with wheels whilst those by Vince and Phil Scot are presumably of it as pictured (body only). It would though be very interesting to know whether it still had wheels when seen by Dennis Graham..

    In 1986 I only recorded grounded bodies if they were of coaching stock (including NPCCS) and often overlooked Fish Van bodies presuming them to be of freight stock. On 1986-02-19 I recorded the body of BR Fish Van (SPV) Colchester and no others but I do suspect other van bodies were present. 87970 subsequently moved to Ispwich WRD where I recorded it on 1997-02-18. Might be worth Ben adding 87970 and all those who saw it at either Colchester or Ispwich submitting their sightings in order to narrow down the date it was first grounded at Colchester and moved to Ispwich.

    Steve Best has confirmed that the body pictured is that of ADE75205, presumably by finding a number or plate. Its very inaccessible position means that few ever got up close which probably resulted in some presumed sightings over the years with it being mistaken for 87970.

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