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B 783230 - 12t Goods Van


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Grounded at Toton TMD
Not part of internal user number series


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  • 11 May 2017 - Greg Hartle

    I have a gut feeling that this vehicle is located grounded in the load bank compound.It is certainly a 12t goods van, with the distinguishing vents on each end, is off white/faded grey in colour but of course, due to the amount of locomotives always present, only the top part of the vehicle can be seen from the bank, so I can not verify the number (if it carries one?)

    As it hasn't been seen since 1998, and there is no picture to back up my sighting, I'm just a little unsure whether to log it.I've even been on Google Earth to try and have more of a look at it, but you can't really get close to it, and it's blurry etc...but I still have this hunch that I'm right.I didn't notice any other 12t goods vans on the TMD, both from the bank and Google Earth.

    Could Alex Betteney possibly come forward with some more information on this vehicle, as he is the last person to see it.I also created a post on the forum, but I've had no response so I thought I'd try commenting.

    Thanks for any help on this matter.

  • 31 May 2017 - Greg Hartle

    Having no joy whatsoever with regards to attaining some information on here about this vehicle.I created a post within the discussion forum too....surely someone knows something?

    Alex Betteney can you please help? You did sight it last back in '98....

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