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Norwich Crown Point TMD (grounded inside triangle)
Not part of internal user number series

Grounded Bodies
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Norwich Crown Point (middle of triangle)** *** ****Paul Cheesemore
Norwich Crown Point (middle of triangle)** *** ****Paul Cheesemore
Norwich Crown Point TMD** *** ****Dave Warby
Norwich Crown Point** *** ****Matt Ryder
Norwich Crown Point2015-07-23Roger Harris
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  • 783952

    8 January 2006 - Ben Williams

    An example of a grounded van that is located on railway land but not allocated an official internal user series number. Vans such as this are now included on this site for reference so if anyone knows of similar examples please let me know.

  • 27 January 2019 - Paul Cheesemore

    When went past NC yesterday this vehicle had gone to make way for new sidings so presumed "scrapped on site"