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QPW DS 90 - CE Staff & Tool van


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Scrapped - Gwent Demolition, Margam 7/94 (arrived 12/93)


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  • DS 90

    13 August 2017 - Jon Horswell

    This van appears, amongst others, in the opening scene of The Eye of the Needle (1981) with Donald Sutherland. It is coded as QPV. What was the difference between a QPV and a QPW?

  • DS 90

    14 August 2017 - Steve Jordan

    The last letter of the three digit TOPS code signifies the brake type. V is the code for a vacuum braked vehicle, whilst W signifies a vacuum braked vehicle fitted with a through pipe for air brakes which allows it to be conveyed in an air braked train.

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Margam** *** ****Brian Cuttell
Gwent Demolition, Margam** *** ****Royston Morris
Three Bridges Open Day** *** ****Dennis Graham, Keith Gunner & Peter Cummings
Three Bridges PAD1990-08-27Roger Harris
Three Bridges OTPD1990-05-15Andy Prime

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