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9419 - DRS Nuclear Flask Escort Vehicle


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Stored at Carlisle Kingmoor DRS depot when not in use



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  • 9419

    1 June 2006 - Jo Coultas

    This coach has returned to use on the mainline after several years at the Churnet Valley Railway. Interestingly the window where the corridor connection should be is a windscreen from a class 56 hence why it isnt perfectly square.

  • 9419

    28 July 2006 - SD0853

    Once preserved at the Churnet Valley Railway, but now not, as can be seen.

  • 9419

    16 March 2007 - Jon Horswell

    Do these see that much use?

  • 9419

    14 October 2008 - Ben Williams

    Anyone seen these coaches recently please?

  • 9419

    14 July 2009 - Phil Scott

    This coach has now been repainted into the new "DRS Compass" livery

  • 17 November 2012 - Ben Williams

    Are these DRS coaches still around? No sightings for ages...

  • 17 November 2012 - Dan Adkins

    Both currently at Kingmoor according to TOPS; 71 days.

  • 17 November 2012 - Jon Horswell

    These have seen plenty of recent use Ben. Many pictures have appeared in publications but we can't count those sightings can we. Shame really as I actually require this one!!

  • 9419

    25 April 2014 - Ben Williams

    both currently at Eastleigh works.

  • 11 September 2018 - Ben Williams

    No sightings of this pair since 2016?

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