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BR DMU 55001
Moved to East Lancashire Railway 3/08
Preservation location:
East Lancashire Railway
975xxx series


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East Lancashire Railway** *** ****Andrew Martin
East Lancashire Railway** *** ****Grahame Stanley
ELR, Bury Baron Street shed** *** **** Greg Hartle
East Lancashire Railway** *** ****Kev Adlam
Bishop\'s Stortford2014-09-24Andrew Harvey-Adams
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  • 975023

    17 April 2008 - snapshot56169

    Reported in the press (as 55001) to have recently been sold on to the East Lancs Railway (03/08) and believed moved.

  • 975023

    17 April 2008 - Andrew Martin

    This also accords with information in the latest East Lancs Rly news but I haven't seen it there yet. Will record sighting if / when I do.

  • 975023

    2 May 2008 - David Young

    I have been told that this vehicle left Northampton on Monday (28th April) and arrived at the East Lancs the following day.

  • 975023

    7 May 2008 - Andrew Martin

    Seen yesterday outside Castlecroft shed ELR. No ID on the 2 visible sides which are the opposite two to those in this photo except a crudely painted erroneous 55007.

  • 26 January 2019 - Andrew Martin

    In regular weekend use at present on the ELR on the Diesel (DMU) diagram, making the Class 104 unit up to 3 cars.