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BR coach 24140
Scrapped - Ripple Lane WRD on site ?/?


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Ripple Lane** *** ****David Morris
Ripple Lane** *** ****Ben Williams
ripple lane** *** ****Darren burkinshaw
Ripple Lane** *** ****Tony Cole
Kings Norton ECD** *** ****Roy Hennefer
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  • 975066

    6 November 2004 - Ben Williams

    This is the coach which spent many of its last years at Ripple Lane depot before being disposed of - but when this exactly happened still isn't clear! If anyone has any info it would be very welcome!

  • 975066

    6 February 2008 - Ben Williams

    Time to ask about this coach's disposal again in case there are any new people out there that might know!?? It remains probably the only outstanding disposal that no one seems to know anything about!

    Our biggest lead so far concerns several wagons:

    KDB 740409 & KDB 741245 (both EWS owned) were sold to EMR for scrap 25 August 1995. Parts of 740409 were found on site in May 2003 near the headshunt at the Dagenham end of the depot where this coach used to be parked. It is therefore possible that although LDB 975066 was a condemned JARVIS asset it was dealt with as part of EMR contract for EWS! Oops... And it should be noted that Aug 1995 was date of sale not date of scrapping because 975066 was still intact in 1998 at least.

    If anyone has any more sightings it may be useful to this story - please check your notes!

  • 975066

    14 March 2008 - Andy Dickinson

    I am in contact with a former member of staff from Ripple Lane. He says that this coach was moved into the C&W workshop (is this the same building as the WRD building?) and scrapped in there. The bogies could have gone to another preservation group. Not sure of the year this happened but can ask further questions.

    He also said that a former LNER buffet car was disposed of on site as well with possibly some underframe parts and the bogies going onto a group that preserved LNER coaches.

  • 975066

    14 March 2008 - Ben Williams

    Thanks Andy - any more news will of course be very welcome! The reference to the LNER coach is interesting - I can't think what this may have been? Anyone else know of any LNER stock in the area at this time?! May provide a clue...?

  • 6 February 2019 - Ben Williams

    I don't think we ever got any further with the disposal of this other Ripple Lane coach...?