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BR coach 34754
Severn Valley Railway
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Severn Valley Railway
975xxx series


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Severn Valley Railway - Kidderminster Station** *** ****Roy Hennefer
Severn Valley Railway** *** ****Andrew Crisp
Severn Valley Railway - Kiddy Carriage Shed** *** ****Roger Harris
Severn Valley Railway2016-04-23michael doleman
Severn Valley Railway - Kidderminster2015-05-20Roy Hennefer

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  • 975128

    1 October 2002 - Vince

    Is this the coach at Peterborough which was painted in blue towards the end of the 1990s, or am I losing my marbles and getting it confused with something else?!

  • 975128

    1 October 2002 - Ben

    I think you may be losing your marbles because I *think* I saw it still in yellow at the Severn Valley Kidderminster back in 1998....

  • 975128

    4 October 2002 - Bryan Dawes

    The blue coach was 975379 pictures to be forwarded shortly

  • 975128

    20 April 2004 - Ian Murray

    Still there 09/03/2004 being used as a store van. Original writing on side says "Breakdown Riding & Tool Van Motive Power" "Cambridge" Recent repair work has been carried out on the bodywork.

  • 975128

    21 May 2008 - SD0853

    Does anyone know why this coach seems to have Blue Star Multipul Working Equipment fitted (the orange jumper and white air pipe)?

  • 975128

    26 May 2008 - Mick Bryan

    It looks like there may be a plated up window in the end, judging by the ripples in the chevrons - maybe it had seen use as a driving trailer? Although the 1993 photo shows no evidence of the blue star cable/air pipe, but the 2003 pic has the white engine control pipe!

  • 975128

    26 May 2008 - SD0853

    It's also now dual braked (or at least through piped) . I'd love to know why this vehincle has had these mod's carried out. Obviously it's for a reason as to through wire and through pipe is quite excessive not to mention expensive!

  • 975128

    1 June 2008 - colin brock

    this coach has been converted into a driving trailer and mess/tool van for the severn valley civil engineers dept, a picture showing the drivers desk can be seen at .

  • 975128

    2 June 2008 - SD0853

    Having seen the picture mentioned in Colin's post above, I can say that i'm very impressed. That is a nice conversion. 10/10

  • 975128

    3 June 2008 - Mick Bryan

    Following on from previous comments about this vehicle.

    Here's a photo of the driving cab end.