Current number:
Any other previous number(s):
BR coach 4598
Moved to Swindon & Cricklade Railway 3/19
dark blue
Preservation location:
Swindon & Cricklade Railway
975xxx series


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Swindon & Cricklade Railway** *** ****Grahame Stanley
Swindon & Cricklade Railway - Hayes Knoll** *** ****Phil Scott
Bristol St Philips Marsh** *** ****Vince
Bristol St Phillips Marsh2018-02-17Peter Wreford
Swindon & Cricklade Railway2017-07-31G Goswell

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  • 975403

    3 July 2003 - Ben

    I believe this remains at St Philips Marsh but now carries the old FGW green livery

  • 975403

    16 March 2007 - Jon Horswell

    What excatly do they show in this coach. Assume it to be instructional and safety videos for staff. Is it a, by now, unique feature in the uk?

  • 975403

    13 September 2007 - justin hiscox

    above coach 975403 is still in situ at 82B st phillips marsh and is used for managment talks and the like though its in a rather poor condition has not been used as a cinema coach now for well over five years i know i worked on it painting it and refurb on it thanks yours j hiscox........

  • 975403

    11 July 2008 - Steve Foxon

    Does anybody have any more recent pictures of this vehicle? Anybody have access to it at the minute? I am interested to know whether the cinema seats are still in situ and if the vehicle is still original inside - I notice two of the windows have been exposed since it's cinema days. I was a regular visitor to this coach at open days all over the network!

    Any help on this would be fantastic - thanks. Steve Foxon.

  • 20 October 2013 - Bob Parsons

    The coach has been reliveried/painted and now carries its original BR number 4598.

  • 975403

    25 October 2014 - Intercity 125

    It now carries FGW blue with pink doors, but without the 'Dynamic Lines' decals on the side.

  • 975403

    25 October 2014 - Intercity 125

    Steve, it is still there and I have some pictures on my flickr photostream and I have put one on here.

  • 2 May 2016 - Vince

    Now carries 4598 number

  • 975403

    20 June 2016 - Ben Williams

    Interesting to see the rear of this vehicle still sporting some patches of blue & grey! The front side has had several repaints over the years...

  • 14 March 2019 - Rich Mackin

    This coach has now moved to the Swindon & Cricklade Railway, where it will be restored to passenger-carrying condition.

  • 14 March 2019 - Rich Mackin

    (arrived 12/03/2019)