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BR coach 9236
Scrapped at Immingham Railfreight Terminal 9/03


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Immingham RFT** *** ****Peter Wreford
Derby RTC ** *** ****Martin Sidwells
Derby RTC ** *** ****Ian Attenborough
Derby RTC ** *** ****Martin Sidwells
Derby RTC ** *** ****John Scotford
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  • 975428

    9 July 2007 - Kit Spackman

    Lab 10, previously just known as 'The BSK', was used as a generator car to provide house power for POP Train in its original open form. As seen here it was originally used in standard BR Blue/Grey but later had the grey replaced with RTC Red.

    The air intake grille for the Dale generator cooling fan can just be seen toward the far end of the vehicle. Note also the viewing window on the far side of the corridor connection to provide a view for the brakeman during reversing movements on the Mickleover and Old Dalby test tracks.

  • PC3, PC4, Lab 3, Lab 10

    20 June 2016 - Ben Williams

    Interesting photo here - probably quite a rare sight too...

  • PC3, PC4, Lab 3, Lab 10

    31 March 2017 - Kit Spackman

    Lab 3, just one end of which can been seen on the near end of POP-Train, was painted in the RTC Red/Blue scheme at this time, which was in 1971-2. It remained in this scheme until being repainted in the 'Inter City' scheme, as seen in the second photo, sometime in the early 80s.