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Any other previous number(s):
BR coach 34586
Moved to Barrow Hill ?/06
Preservation location:
Barrow Hill
975xxx series


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Barrow Hill** *** ****Andrew Martin
Barrow Hill ** *** ****Wayne Allsopp
Barrow Hill** *** ****Grahame Stanley
Barrow Hill** *** ****Sean Marshall
Barrow Hill Shed** *** ****michael doleman
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  • 975460

    14 January 2007 - Duncan Reed

    Offered for sale by GVA Grimley, ex FM stock

  • 975460

    9 February 2007 - John Baxter

    Does anyone know whether this is air, vac or dual braked?

  • 975460

    11 February 2007 - Dave Shell (Northumbria Rail Ltd.)

    As far as I know it is air braked. May possibly have a vac through pipe but not 100% on that.