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QXA RDB 975636 - POP APT Development Train - Laboratory 8 'Pilot'


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Scrapped - Derby RTC on site by Ward Ferrous Metals 10/85


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  • 975636

    23 November 2004 - Ben Williams

    This test train originally consisted of two mock Power cars (PC3 - RDB975634 and PC4 - RDB975635) with nothing (0) in between hence the nickname 'POP', it was used from September 1971 as a test bed proving the suspension, tilting and braking systems.

    Later the P-O-P train was modified with an APT-P vehicle (Laboratory 8 - 'PILOT' RDB975636) being built and formed between the original P-O-P vehicles, which were re-mounted on revised bogies and given body cladding.

    The three vehicle set then performed bogie and ride research work, mainly on the West Coast Main Line.

    Thanks to info from

  • 31 March 2017 - Kit Spackman

    Lab 8 'Pilot' was the very first APT-P Trailer Car, and was built at Derby C&W in the middle 70s. It remained unpainted in the RTC Yard for some time, mounted on slave bogies, before being fully fitted out during 1978.

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RTC, Derby** *** ****Roger Harris
RTC, Derby** *** ****Roger Harris
Derby R.T.C.** *** ****Leslie Wild
RTC, Derby** *** ****Roger Harris
Derby R.T.C.1984-04-25Leslie Wild
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