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BR EMU 77109
Scrapped at Immingham Railfreight Terminal 6/02


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Immingham Railfreight Terminal** *** ****Colin Bird
Derby Etches Park ** *** ****Colin Bird
Derby Etches Park ** *** ****Colin Bird
Derby Etches Park ** *** ****Colin Bird
Derby Etches Park ** *** ****Colin Bird
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  • 977579

    7 February 2007 - Herbert Sprocket

    This looks looks like it was converted from a class 501 EMU trailer, I'm guessing that judging by the coupling it was was compatable with 319 EMUs can anyone confirm this ?.

  • 977579

    7 February 2007 - alan robson

    Saw this several times leading class 319s. I think it acted as a deicer / sandite but ran in service trains

  • 977579

    11 February 2007 - Rich Mackin

    This used to be 77109, and was the last survivor of the Tyneside 2EPB-type units. It was converted to work in push-pull with Class 317-322, but generally only worked with 319s on Sandite duties out of St Pancras.

  • 977579

    25 April 2010 - Ben Williams

    Apparently they had Class 319-style controls inside them - didn't realise until someone told me today...

  • 977579

    25 April 2010 - kev

    319 compatiable, so most probably compatiable with most westcode equipped units a novel idea for use of a tynsider, a pity that they were never carried on or kept in traffic.

    as always most clever ideas start on the southern !!

  • 30 August 2019 - Peter Hall

    I have seen paperwork suggesting that this was originally to be despatched from Selhurst in 1998 to Mayer Parry, Snailwell at the same time as 977379. However, the move was cancelled and it instead went by road to Shoeburyness.