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BR DMU 55929
Midland Railway Centre
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Midland Railway Centre
977xxx series


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Midland Railway Centre - Butterley** *** ****Matt Ryder
Butterley** *** ****Steve King
Midland Railway Centre** *** ****Dennis Graham
Midland Railway Centre, Butterley 2017-04-29 Greg Hartle
Midland Railway Centre2016-05-08Brian Cuttell

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  • 977775

    20 May 2004 - Ben Williams

    Iris 975010 can just been seen in the shed behind undergoing restoration...

  • 977775

    21 May 2004 - Alex Betteney

    At one time used by EWS as a route learning unit based at Tyseley (?)with trailer car 977776, it was latterly used as a Static Control room at Appleby on the S&C, during major renewal work (winter 1999), arriving at Thornaby during February 2000. Initially stored at Tees Yard, the unit was moved for a brief period to Thornaby TMD, before being moved into the Bullring Sidings, where it lingered on until April 2004, and 977776 being moved on 19/05/04. The unit apparently contained TV screens, video recorders and other equipment. A number of windows were broken and the graffiti was applied at Thornaby. The unit was deregistered from TOPS c2002, hence the move to Butterley by road. It was also said to be non-operational (i.e. hauled stock) when it arrived at Thornaby.

  • 977775

    28 May 2004 - michael costar

    Is it preserved or just for spares and what happened to its partner 977776

  • 977775

    30 May 2004 - Ben

    977776 has now also arrived at Butterley (see other comment above.) As far as I know they are both due to be restored to full working order and I think 977775 has already been started up.

  • 977775

    7 June 2004 - Phil Deane MRT Railcar Group Chairman

    977775 has indeed been started up. No2 gearbox is off the unit and under repair. Repairs required to No1 gearbox and No2 final drive. Throttle boxes to adjust. Rest of the unit including generator and all internal equipment are in full working order. Repaint into all over blue and body work repairs underway. To be renumbered 50015 and 56015.

  • 977775

    7 December 2004 - Phil Deane MRT Railcar Group Chairman

    Repaint into blue was completed over the weekend of 4/5 December with small yellow warning panel (just to be different). All welding repairs completed. No1 gearbox repaired, No2 gearbox being worked upon, both engines having a oil change and injector overhaul. Picture to follow.

  • 977775

    26 September 2005 - gareth coleman

    All mechanical repairs complete, roof still to paint. First passenger run scheduled for 8th October 2005. see for more details

  • 977775

    11 July 2006 - gareth coleman

    Rare passenger usage for this ex-departmental unit this coming weekend (15 & 16 July 2006) Several full line runs planned for saturday and only one planned for sunday. This is the only time this year that this unit will be running.